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Benefits of Using a Rent Calculator

Benefits of Using a Rent Calculator


Often deciding to move out on your own is a very hard decision. There are so many things that factor in to living on your own. One of the biggest issues is financial struggles. We all know that living on your own is expensive especially in certain areas.

I love that there are rent calculators that help in the decision making process and they are super easy to use. Simply add the neighborhood you are considering moving to, your income and monthly expenses and the calculator does the rest.

Giving the rent calculator a spin to see how it worked was something that I was very excited about. I always have family and friends come to us asking if we know places to rent, but they never quite know their budget. With this tool things are so simplified. I added in our yearly income, but you can do monthly as well. With the simplicity of the calculator I had an answer on what the monthly budget could afford in seconds. I also found a great tip which said that rent shouldn’t exceed 30% of your income.

These days finding a place to rent can be tricky as some people are used to the older times of using newspapers and finding ads for rentals. With changing times comes changing methods of finding places to live and many are turning to social media. Facebook for example is often flooded with rentals by owner and even agents looking to have their extra homes rented. We also like to look at airbnb for long term rentals, especially when time needed is quite short for example a renovation in the home you own.

Obviously moving is a hard choice and there are other expenses aside from rent especially when moving away from your parents for the first time. There are so many expenses that we never think of such as furniture, kitchen tools and small appliances and with Covid cases on the rise in our area it is nearly impossible to have a housewarming party and many people are just opting to buy things on their own using online shopping methods. All of this of course is extra money that many people are not expecting to spend.

Whether you are moving out on your own for the first time ever or looking to relocate for whatever reason may present in your life it is always important to keep your budget and finances a top priority. One thing we have learned is that we are very capable of living a great life in a home that we love while following a budget that allows us to enjoy date nights, family moments and to still feel comfortable with things. We are not prisoners to the rent/mortgage payment and we are able to be more spontaneous with some finer things in life because of this.

If you are looking for the best rent calculator out there, please check out Zumper. I really learned a few things while checking out their website and feel that it is beneficial even for those of us who have been on our own for awhile.

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