Benefits of Using Kegel Weights

Benefits of Using Kegel Weights

Kegel exercises are gaining popularity recently, due to the many health benefits they can provide. These simple exercises isolate the muscles of the pelvic floor in order to strengthen and tone those areas. The Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle falls into this muscle group, and is one of the most versatile muscles of the body though it is often overlooked during exercise and training.


Kegel exercises are generally recommended for women who are pregnant, have given birth, or have urinary or fecal incontinence. However, any woman (or man!) can benefit from exercising their pelvic floor. These muscles support the uterus(for women), bladder, and intestines, so strengthening them is highly beneficial.

Kegel Weight Types and Options

Kegel weights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and weights. The most common kegel weights are kegel balls. You can learn much more about kegel balls by visiting Gynie’s Thorough Kegel Ball Guide. These small spheres are commonly made of metal or medical grade silicone, in order to reduce bacterial growth and for easy cleaning.


Other weights may be teardrop, oblong, cone-shaped, or other unique shapes (such as the Gynie). These all have various benefits, such as ease of removal or interchangeable weights. Some packages come with several weights which can be used progressively to increase resistance. It is a good idea to try different weights until you find what works for you.

Why Kegel Weights?

Completing kegel exercises does not require the use of tools, weights, or other aids. Kegel exercises require only that you tense and relax the pelvic floor muscles in a series of repetitions, completed daily or weekly. However, in order to see real results over time, the use of kegel weights is recommended.


The point of using kegel balls is to increase the intensity of your kegel exercise routine. Many people may not find kegel exercises pleasant, but when incorporating kegel balls it can become a challenge and more effective of a workout.


When used properly, kegel weights can increase the benefits of kegel exercises by speeding up the process of PC strengthening, especially for purposes of aiding incontinence.

How to use kegel weights

To use kegel balls, lubricant is recommended. After applying it, the balls should be inserted. The pelvic floor muscles should be tightened to squeeze the balls for a count of 5, and then released for a count of 5. This can be done for 5 reps to begin, and increased over time.

Alternatively, the kegel balls can be inserted and left in for a few minutes at a time. This will require keeping the muscles activated for a longer period of time. For beginners, this should only be done a couple times a week to avoid overexerting the pelvic floor muscles.


Using a kegel exerciser tool is a bit different. The Gynie, for example, functions as a spring between two sleeves. To use this system, the Gynie must be inserted and then squeezed closed until it clicks, using the pelvic floor muscles. This provides a different type of strength training and can be used in conjunction with or instead of kegel balls.

When to incorporate kegel weights into your routine

Like any muscle, the pelvic floor muscles require time to become toned and strengthened. Therefore, it is important to practice kegel exercises without weights prior to incorporating strengthening tools into the routine.


It is easy for any muscle to become overworked and begin to spasm if too much exercise is introduced to quickly. For this reason, it is recommended to practice kegel exercises for a short time daily or slightly longer reps weekly to begin. Over time, you can build up to longer and more frequent reps, and eventually introduce kegel balls and other weights into the routine.


There are many benefits to completing kegel exercises for women as well as men. Not only is it possible to reduce urinary and fecal incontinence, but core strength can also be unlocked by toning the pelvic floor muscles.


Incorporating kegel weights into any kegel workout can enhance the strengthening process and make kegel exercises more pleasant. For more tips on invigorating and enhancing muscle growth workouts, head over to Product Review Café.  

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