Best Baseball Bats Buying Guide & Review


Best Baseball Bats Buying Guide & Review

Although there are various types of sports played all across the United States of America, baseball is the national game of the nation. Just as technology has changed the way different types of sports are being played all over the world, it has been the same for baseball. Newer technology is being used when it comes to making softball and baseball bats. These bats are no longer made with just aluminum. Composite can also be used in making baseball bats. The primary advantage of this material is that it allows the ball to jump off of it. If you wish to buy a new baseball bat, the task can get quite overwhelming at times unless you are using a website like

Measure Yourself before Buying a Baseball Bat

Baseball bats are available for users from different age groups. This means that these bats are available in different sizes. Thus, choosing one that is of the right size as per your convenience is very important for you to play baseball properly. There are several ways for you to measure the right length of your baseball bat. However, the best way is to opt for a bat with which you feel comfortable while swinging. A common rule when it comes to choosing a baseball bat of the right length is not to go up more than 1 inch at any given point of time. This will help you adjust to a new bat very easily without compromising on your swing.

Simply measure from the middle of your chest to the tip of your index finger. Make sure that your arm is straight out by your side. Once you have chosen a bat of the right length, there are several ways for you to make sure that your choice is indeed the right one. First of all, place your baseball bat by your side. If your palm is able to reach the handle, the bat is of the right size. Secondly, you may also place the knob of the bat in the middle of your chest, making sure that the bat is facing outward. Try to grab the barrel of the bat. If you are able to do so, the bat is of the right size.

How to Measure a Baseball Bat for Your Child?

Are you planning to buy a baseball bat for your child? In that case, the measurement procedure will vary a bit. For a child with a height ranging from 3 feet to 3 feet 4 inches, the appropriate length of the bat should be 26 inches. Increase the size of the bat by an inch for every increase in your child’s height by 4 to 5 inches. While measuring the baseball bat for your child, ensure that your child is wearing the baseball cleats. Place a bat in standing position next to your child. It should maximum reach the hip of your child. Any bat past the height of your child’s hip will be way too long for him and he will not find it very comfortable to swing the bat.

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