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Best Dental Chews for Dogs Buying Guide – Top Brands Review

Best Dental Chews for Dogs Buying Guide – Top Brands Review


Dogs are very friendly and affectionate pets. It is no doubt that the furry creatures are referred to as man’s best friend.’ If you are a dog owner, then you can attest to this fact. To encourage a good relationship and promote good behavior with dogs, dog owners’ use treats as a form of reward. Normally treats are sweet and appealing, and no pet has been known to reject a treat. This cannot, however, be said about medication and supplements.

For this reason, companies have found a gateway to encouraging their pets to take supplements and medication. You are probably thinking that they do so by giving them treats as a reward for taking medication! Well, you are not that far from the truth. What happens is that these supplements are given to pets as treats. Such supplements that are given as treats include dental traits.

Dental chews are both snacks and supplements that help keep the teeth and gums of dogs healthy.

What are the benefits of dental treats?

  •    They get rid of foul breath- bad breath is not a foreign issue to dogs. What causes bad breath in dogs is bacteria build-up in the mouth. There is a specific form of dental treats that come in the form of chews that are specifically designed to reduce odors in the mouths of our four-legged friends. They are guaranteed to get rid of the smell. However, if the odor persists, it could be an indicator of a larger issue like gastrointestinal issues.

Regular professional teeth cleaning for the dog as well as tooth brushing at the household level can also play a major role in reducing foul breath in dogs as well as other pets

  •    Improving oral health- plague is also a popular issue in dogs. Dental treats help reduce the build-up of plague and Tatar. Research shows that dental chews or dental treats can reduce plague by up to seventy percent. This happens when the dog chews the treat actively. The mechanical action does the magic.

In order to ensure that the dental treats are effective and beneficial to your dog, you need to make sure that:

  •    The treat matches the personality of your pet. For instance, there are some dogs that chew aggressively. For such dogs, firmer treats may be more appropriate.
  •    Limit the number of edible treats- the aim is to reduce the calories taken in by the dog.
  •    Avoid bones and treats that are too hard- such treats may cause more damage than good for the dog. Especially if your dog is already suffering from diseases of the teeth and gums.
  •    Look out for chocking and blockages- this is especially dangerous for dogs that are aggressive chewers. They may swallow the treats before chewing on them to completion. This may result in choking and blockages which may result in contamination and stomach irritation. Intestinal upsets may also result from swallowing dental toys that may be contaminated and causing blockages in the stomach as well as swallowing large pieces of dental chews.

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