BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O' Pouches Variety Pack

BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O’ Pouches Variety Pack

BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O' Pouches Variety Pack

BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O’ Pouches Variety Pack

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About BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O’ Pouches Variety Pack

Treat your best feline friend to the hydration-packed nutrition of the BFF Oh My Gravy! Potlock O’ Pouches Variety Pack Grain-Free Cat Food Pouches. “Give me meow gravy,” says your furry bestie, so tear open a pouch for a gravylicious culinary experience in every bowl. The variety pack includes recipes with real meat as the top ingredient, like duck, salmon, chicken, turkey, lamb and others, for protein to support healthy muscles. Every bite is loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for overall health, and lots of hydration from real broth!

Key Benefits

  • Grain-free wet food variety pack with real meat including duck, salmon, lamb, tuna, chicken, turkey and more.
  • Packed with protein to support healthy, active muscles, and taurine for heart and vision health.
  • Provides a 100% complete and balanced diet for cats with essential blend of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Loaded with real broth to keep cats hydrated while supporting digestive and urinary health, and zero carrageenan and gluten.
  • Easy to use, single-portion BPA-free pouches can be served on their own or as delicious kibble toppers or mix-ins.


What We Thought

Unfortunately our cats are not getting any younger and recently I realized that a diet of dry kibble may not be best for them even if that is what they have always been accustomed to. Oreo is nearly 8 and Fat Fat is already 8. That is getting on up there for a cat and while we love to pamper and spoil them sometimes Fat Fat just did not like wet food. That is not the case when he saw the BFF Oh My Gravy! Potluck O’ Pouches Variety Pack. For one of the first times since he joined our family, Fat Fat dug in like this was the first time he had ever seen wet foods. I was simply amazed.

He has not found a variety that he doesn’t like his favorite is the Chicken & Tuna. He likes it as a stand alone meal served in a separate bowl beside his dry food. Picky much? HA!

I am happy to feed him this food because it is good for him and I want to do everything in my power to make sure that he is here with us for as long as possible.

If you are looking for a way to get great quality brands sent right to your door, then look no further than We have absolutely loved that we can get everything we need and want for our pets brought here by FedEX usually by 1-2 day shipping because I always find myself spending over $49 any time I am buying things for our pets.

I also love that has the most amazing customer relations that I have ever dealt with. Any time I have any questions or concerns they are prompt to answer any time I call which is a major plus for me since a lot of times during normal business hours I am too busy to make calls.

Thanks for making our pets happy once again!

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