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Big Gathering? Home Improvements That Your Guests Will Welcome

When it comes to improving your home and its appearance, you might wonder how guests would view it. And most of us have been guilty sometimes of trying to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. If you’re ready to give your home the wow factor why not start with the areas your guests are most likely to see?

Think about the approach to your home. Has it had a makeover lately? If not, why not give it a spruce up now? Clear the path ways with a stiff broom or a power washer. Tidy up the lawn and use the edge cutting tool to give it a great finish. Now think about the lighting. Does your path have lights leading all the way to the house? And does the porch light work? Easy fixes include installing some solar-powered lights in the front garden area. You can even dress outdoor furniture with fairy lights.

Some front doors can look a bit tired and shabby after a whole year of weathering. Wood can easily be stripped, treated and repainted in just a day. If it is the new PVC style of door, some cleaning fluid can restore the white. Add a fresh door mat and a welcome sign, and you’re almost ready. If it’s hot out, why not take the opportunity to invest in a screen door? Some security screens can reduce your home insurance bill, and you’ll feel a lot safer about leaving the front door open in the heat.


The walk through the house from the front door needs to be welcoming too. Lighting in the hallway area is important. You want it to be bright and friendly. Dark spaces don’t feel very welcoming. A fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward brightening up any small area you may have here. If your flooring is carpeted, why not give it a quick steam or shampoo? Wooden floors can enjoy a buff, and stone can benefit from a good colored rug. Add a good sized floor pot plant, and you’ve created that perfect warm welcome people love.

If you’ve invited a lot of people into the home, you might want to have the catering and drinks prepared in advance. This can free you up to welcome people and enjoy being a part of the party instead of a waiter. Of course, you could hire some waiting staff to take care of all your guest’s needs while you enjoy the company and conversation of your friends.

In hot weather, it can be really nice to entertain in the yard. A good decked dining area can be the perfect place to host a wonderful dinner party too. Comfortable seating and a garden heater could make this space ideal all year round. Don’t be afraid to bring extra lights and decorations to your party area. A bit of sparkle and a dash of color can help put everyone in the party mood. Sure, you may need to clean it all up again at the end, but you’ll have fun all the way through. Enjoy.

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