Blackstone Tool Kit

Blackstone Products Professional Grade Tool Kit

Blackstone Tool Kit


Blackstone Products Professional Grade Tool Kit

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.

About Blackstone Products Professional Grade Tool Kit

Features- Griddle Accessory Toolkit

  • 2 Commercial grade dispensers for liquids of your choice, to enhance your griddle cooking experience
  • 2 Commercial grade spatulas, one with perforation
  • 1 Chopper/scraper to dice foods or scrape griddle clean
  • 1 Custom BLACKSTONE cookbook sampler with a few popular recipes



What We Thought

Priced at $39.99 this is the perfect tool kit to accompany the Blackstone Outdoor Griddle that we recently reviewed. This tool kit comes with everything you need to make the perfect griddle meal.

We recently had company over for a big family cook out. We have been through a lot as a family recently and it was nice to unwind, laugh and enjoy the company of each other. I would have been totally lost without the Blackstone Tool Kit because the spatulas that I had were just too short. They had been used for indoor cooking mostly and were just not meant for cooking outdoors.

I was able to perfectly flip 15 burgers without making any of them slide into each other and making them look awful. No smashed edges at all.

I also love that this great tool kit came with a recipe book and while other reviews online called this basic, it was great for me because I have never cooked out an outdoor griddle and my experience with an indoor one was limited to pancakes.

This weekend we plan to do a Japanese style cooking experience outdoors and the bottles and chopper are going to come in handy big time!

Whether you are a beginner like myself or a more experienced griddle chef; this kit is a must have.

More importantly this would make the PERFECT Father’s Day gift for any Dad who loves to cook outside. I have enjoyed providing my family some amazing meals with the outdoor griddle since it has been here and have some ideas up my sleeve for Father’s Day for my husband as well. He may get to try cooking on it one day… MAYBE.

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