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Blake’s All Natural Foods Review

Blake's All Natural Foods

Blake’s All Natural Foods Review

I received the mentioned products from Blake’s All Natural Foods in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained in this review may vary from the opinions of others.


About Blake’s All Natural Foods: Something special happens on family farms: You grow up with no clear line between work and home. That’s the way it was when Clara Blake started the farm here in 1929, and that’s the way it is today with our daughters, Blake and Lucy. At home — when Amy and I see them off to school, when relatives come over, around the dinner table — they hear us talking about our business; they hear us working out problems; they hear us making decisions for the right reasons.

Some food companies are started by chefs, and some food companies are started by investors. Our roots are closer to working people, perhaps a little deeper in the soil. And though farming is no longer a central part of our business, that farmer’s sense of humility and common sense guide us still. There’s a straight line through.

What We Thought: The coupons arrived and I immediately went onto the Blake’s All Natural Foods website to find out where we could purchase these foods. You see some might say I am a bit of a “crunchy” Mama, but more than anything I like knowing that our food is prepared with love, even if I am not the person preparing it. Lets face it, life gets busy and sometimes tossing something into the oven is a Mom’s best friend.

I found out quickly that I could head over to a local Martin’s grocery store and buy these great meals, so off we went. They were easy to find in the store because Martin’s keeps their organic/all natural foods together in 1 section. Gotta love that!

blakes all natural foods review

Today was a pretty decent day weather-wise here in Virginia, so I decided to make these for lunch. We were all at home as a family and everyone wanted something different as you can see.

Patrick wanted the Sunday Pasta & Meatballs without any consideration at all. He is a spaghetti lover and knew this would be great.

Jack chose the Chicken Pot Pie which was a little bit of a shocker to me, but we all know the appetites of 3 year olds and how they are ever-changing.

Last but not least I chose the Lasagna Bake Bolognese.

I was a cheater and fully admit that with it being lunch time and each meal taking some different preparation times in the oven, I used the microwave. I usually would put our food in the oven to cook, but today was just a little hectic and I wanted to have something quick but wholesome.

The Chicken Pot Pie had to be finished in the oven, so I tossed that in the microwave first. The idea of browning the crust in the oven after cooking it in the microwave is very appealing to me. It worked out perfectly because the other 2 meals had to cook for approximately 5 1/2 minutes each, so I had time to get the pot pie finished up, too.


I am not the best food photographer or food plating specialist by any means, but these are the meals when they were finished. Notice that lovely brown crust on the chicken pot pie. YUM YUM!!

We all were able to sit down and eat at the same time which is something that I pride myself on each day that we are all home together.

Patrick gave the Sunday Pasta & Meatballs a 5/5. He said the meatballs were flavorful and the pasta was cooked to perfection. Plus look at that cheese!! Who doesn’t love cheese!

Jack was a little picky about his pot pie, but he did try it and said it was “very yummy” which is a Mama score!

The Lasagna Bake Bolognese was flavorful and while I am usually not a ricotta cheese fan this was a different use for it and I did not find it to be unappealing.

While Martin’s did not have every variety of Blake’s All Natural Foods meals available for me to purchase, we were able to get a Chicken Parmesan with Pasta and also the Shepherd’s Pie. I got doubles of a few of the meals as well and we can’t wait to try those out another day for lunch. I will be sure to update this post once we do.

Overall Blake’s All Natural Foods for the WIN at our house. I love that I can feed these to my husband and son without the guilty feeling that I gave them a meal full of things we can’t pronounce and that is absolutely loaded with sugars and salt. These foods are all natural, made with great ingredients and real meat!

If you are looking for a great company to provide your family with a great alternative to slaving away in the kitchen, check out Blake’s All Natural Foods.

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Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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