Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips
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Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

Boulder Canyon Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips

I received the mentioned products from Boulder Canyon in exchange for an honest review. The opinions within this review are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

What We Thought:

I love Thanksgiving and honestly I think of all of the holidays it is my favorite. I love the cooking, fellowship and the general idea that people are overall more thankful for what they have.

Boulder Canyon has done it again with their Thanksgiving Flavored Potato Chips. I am a big fan of anything crunchy when it comes to snacks, but check this out.. they brought my favorite holiday right into bag form so that without cooking a huge meal I can still enjoy it.

I first saw these at a local store not too long ago, but like many new-to-me products I was hesitant to pick up a bag. I like trying new things, but often feel that spending the money on them may end up being a bust. When I got to taste them as part of a Boulder Canyon review recently I was super excited and wanted to just devour both bags.

Knowing that Boulder Canyon puts lots of love into their foods makes me happy as well. From the Boulder Canyon website: Boulder Canyon believes great taste comes from great ingredients and prides itself on sourcing the best quality, non-GMO ingredients. All ingredients are tested by Boulder Canyon craftsmen at every stage of preparation. Once all standards are met, the chips are packaged in air-tight bags to lock in freshness. Who wouldn’t feel comfortable even feeding these to their kids with information like this?

So a little about these chips:

The Turkey & Gravy remind me more of homemade stuffing than turkey and gravy, but the flavor can’t be beat. I really love the crunch of a good kettle chip and these hit the spot.

I was surprised with the sweetness of the Pumpkin Pie and while each serving only has 2 grams of sugar I feel that the nutmeg, cinnamon and real pumpkin add a natural sweetness that will warm your soul. I think that a pumpkin dip would be amazing with these (or maybe just some whipped cream!!)

If you are looking for the perfect chips to go with those Thanksgiving leftovers these are definitely the ones!! I know people who add chips to their sandwiches and this would be perfect as well.

Check out Boulder Canyon and discover all of their exciting flavors!!

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