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BubbleBum; The portable, lightweight, inflatable booster seat for children ages 4-11

Before you head out on your summer adventures, don’t forget to bring along the BubbleBumBubbleBum is the portable, lightweight, inflatable booster seat for children ages 4-11. It easily inflates and deflates in minutes and fits easily in a backpack or handbag, making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, and plane flights. Award-winning BubbleBum meets and exceeds all European and U.S. safety regulations. BubbleBum was created by Irish mom-of-two, Grainne Kelly, as a solution to her own struggles lugging heavy booster seats during her travels with her kids. BubbleBum is leading the way in ensuring that every child has a safe and comfortable booster seat on every car ride. ($34.99)

BubbleBum, best seller and parents’ favorite,winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away,making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or carpooling.


What We Thought-

Jack just went into a booster seat and honestly I couldn’t be happier. I know that he is still protected, we are obeying all laws here in Virginia and I just feel so content with him being in a booster seat. We recently were offered the chance to review the BubbleBum and at first I am going to fully admit to being a skeptic. We do so much research on car seats and the benefits of them constantly. Laws change and so do seat regulations and we like to stay on top of this stuff.

Knowing that Jack is in a seat that is already portable the skeptic in me wondered how this would be, I mean come on we would be folding up his booster seat! Who would have ever thought of such a thing?! My first thought went straight to safety, so I went to the BubbleBum website to figure out how this could even be a possibility. The first thing I noticed is that these seats are made from the same material as life vests which made me more of a believer, but I wanted to wait to see it in person before I made up my mind.

The BubbleBum arrived and immediately I liked that it was in its own little carrying bag. I thought this would be absolutely perfect for Grandparents since they are more comfortable traveling with a booster seat over a typical car seat. This packed up SO small. I mean literally it was rolled right up in this little sack.

I took it out of the bag and my husband immediately wanted to inflate it to see how easy it was. We were thrilled with the ease of both inflating and deflating this seat.

Jack says it is super comfortable, we are able to share our love of the USA and I feel confident that he is safe no matter where our travels take us!!


When a 4 year old and both parents can approve of something with no argument, I call this product a win!



Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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