Buying Gifts? Here’s Your Essential Geek “First Aid Kit”


When on the hunt for unique gifts for the geek in your life, you may not know where to begin. When we’re on the hunt for or geek gifts, the one cardinal sin is to make generalized geeky gift choices. The fact is that if you are trying to cover your bases by buying some sort of geeky gift, you can find something personal, yet unique. Let’s give you some approaches and ideas, whether they are a 90s kid, a gamer, or are heavy into their Warhammer, let’s help you out.

For the Gamer…

The gamers do not fall into one distinct category. Gamers can spend hours on Animal Crossing or they can play board games until they are blue in the face. For the geek who is all about board games, a good set of dice will not go amiss. You can purchase handmade bone dice, made from genuine cow bone, or SkullSplitter dice for RPG adventures that last all weekend! 

For the Cosplayer… 

Cosplay is something that is now firmly embedded in the pantheon of geekdom. If you have someone special in your life that is constantly at work on their latest costume, try and take the stress out of the equation for them. You could always purchase costumes for them, but the big problem is always in the props. If they venture to a convention dressed as Kylo Ren, but their lightsaber is flimsy, you got plenty of choices! It’s always about the details. And if your significant other loves to dress as Batman, these batarangs will do the job. 


For the Foodie Geek… 

We need to step away from the traditional geeky gifts for a second. If you’ve got someone in your life who is dedicated to the Elder Scrolls game, the Elder Scrolls Official Cookbook is a perfect way for anybody to get a taste of the world. Truly a feast fit for the table of Sheogorath! 

For the Geek in Disguise…

Not everybody wants to play the geek card front and center; they require a subtle fashion choice that will forever remind them, wherever they go, that they belong to an amazing club. Star Trek: The Next Generation socks are an ideal choice. But you can go further and have a fire-breathing dragon tail lamp to brighten the home office. Even for the gamers who are firmly stuck in the 90s, the N64 and SNES hat is a little something. 

For the Social Geek… 

If the person in your life is a geek but also is partial to a tumbler of whiskey now and again, the Star Wars ice cube mold is a great choice of gift. The stormtrooper decanter is also another quirky little choice. 

For the Geek That Wants to Relive Their Childhood… 

If the geek in your life longs for simpler times where they had nothing to do but eat pizza and play tony hawk, you can get a Playstation Classic for them to relive some of their favorite Playstation games.

This essential geek first aid kit is your one-stop-shop for pleasing the geek in your life. Live long and prosper, and make it so!


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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