Camping In Summer: The Essentials You Need To Pack

Camping In Summer: The Essentials You Need To Pack


Layering. That is the key to any successful trip out into the wild. If you are doing any camping out in the woods or mountains, then the weather can change quickly. 


Being able to layer up when it’s cold and strip down when it gets hot is essential.


What else does it take to have a successful summer camping trip? 


There are a few simple ways to have the best trip just by some planning ahead.


In this article, I will go over some of the essentials that you need to make the outdoors fun again!


Clothing type


I could write an entire article about just the clothes that you want to make sure you pack, but for the sake of brevity, let me highlight the types of materials your clothes should be.


As I mentioned earlier, you want to layer up so thin clothes that still retain warmth are best. 


Cotton vs. polyester? Cotton is comfortable and soft and can be made very thin, but it doesn’t wick moisture. If you sweat, your shirt will end up soaked and you’ll risk getting too cold.


Polyester is lightweight and thin so it is great for the backpack. It does allow your skin to breathe and wicks away moisture. It tends to be clingy and some people get irritated skin from it.


A 50/50 blend of cotton and polyester is probably your best bet.


A lightweight sleeping bag


There are different styles of sleeping bag from mummy in which you are totally closed in. And then others that zip up and can be attached to others. 


The key is that it is lightweight but helps retain heat when you need it. A nylon sleeping bag is ideal. It will keep you warm if you layer up properly when it is cold. It will also keep you cool if it is hot out.


A poncho


Weather can change quickly. You may be out hiking in full sunlight and within minutes find yourself under a downpour. A thin poncho fits easily in a backpack and even a pocket.


They do a great job at keeping you dry without being a burden while hiking.


The right boots


Summer camping is tricky when it comes to footwear. What kind you need really depends on where the campsite is located.


If you’re going to be facing muddy conditions, they should be lightweight but also waterproof. 


Any rocky terrain where you will be hiking will require something sturdy that covers your ankles, yet should still be lightweight.


If you don’t plan to hike, then a pair of galoshes that fit over shoes is enough to keep your feet dry.


A mosquito net


A nylon mosquito net that is placed over the tent will keep many of the mosquitoes out. At the same time, moisture from inside the tent is allowed to escape.


You’ll still need to take other precautions to keep them away like a mosquito repellent skin cream. Look for candles or other products with the insecticide metofluthrin as it works best. 

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