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So You Can Quit Any Time You Want?

Whether you’re a smoker, drinker, or drug user, you probably tell yourself that you can quit anytime you want. You might even tell yourself the same thing when it comes to things like gambling, sex, and shopping. Different people have different things that they feel addicted to. This is down to pleasure receptors in the brain – after which, the person usually becomes impulsive with their new habit. They might sell things to get drug money, steal from friends and family, or spend money that they haven’t got. The trouble is, the more they do it, the more the high wears off. Then, it needs to be done more and more to get the same feeling as before. Some people are well aware that their actions are dangerous but they just can’t stop. Some people have no idea that what they’re doing is problematic.


Usually, those who can say they can stop whenever they want are in denial. They don’t think they have a problem, and they’ll use all kinds of excuses to stop them from having to face the truth and change.

Change can be difficult. However, it isn’t impossible. Any of the addictions mentioned in this post can be dangerous. They can leave you in poor health, no financial standing, with no friends and family. That’s why it’s so important to recognize your behaviour and stop before it’s too late. Here are just some of the ways you can start taking action:


Fill Your Time With More Useful Things

Start filling your time with more useful things. Make a promise to yourself that you won’t do your desired activity for a set amount of time. If you start to feel the urge to do it, distract yourself. Now, if you do start to get some strong urges, it should become pretty clear to you that you’re an addict. It’ll feel better to admit it than keep yourself in denial.


Try reading, cooking, seeing friends, knitting, going for walks. Whatever it takes to distract you and stop you from doing the thing you know you shouldn’t be doing.


Confide In Somebody You Trust

Getting it out in the open can feel so much better. Select someone you trust and confide in them. They’ll likely give you a shoulder to cry on, make you feel better, and help you to get help. They may also help keep you accountable when you struggle in the future.


Get Professional Help

Sometimes, professional help at a place like can be the only way to truly quit. It may seem extreme, but you’ll be surrounded by people going through similar things. You’ll also become more equipped to deal with your problems head on rather than by taking part in this dangerous activity.


Find Ways To Reduce Your Triggers

Figure out what your triggers are and find ways to reduce them. Maybe you shop when you’re stressed. Maybe you smoke when you’re with a friend who smokes. Find ways to reduce these triggers as much as possible, and become more aware when you can feel yourself getting stressed, sad, or whatever makes you take these actions.

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