Can You Have Your Skin Tightened with Lasers?

Can You Have Your Skin Tightened with Lasers?

Laser skin tightening is a very popular procedure. Part of its popularity stems from its accuracy. Another part is due to how convenient it tends to be. The outpatient procedure doesn’t involve as much fuss and time or money spent as certain other alternatives, especially surgery. But can you actually have your skin tightened with lasers?

The question of availability is an easy one to answer. There are laser skincare clinics practically everywhere these days. So finding a clinic offering the service should not be two difficult. A bigger question to ask yourself is can you afford the cost of laser skin tightening? Also, are you a good candidate for it based on your skin type. Here are some answers.

How Much Laser Skin Tightening Costs
Laser skin tightening can cost as little as about $500 for one treatment session. However, it can also cost a few thousand dollars. The priced depends on many factors, including the popularity and geographical location of the clinic. Treatment with the latest skincare laser tool is also apt to be more expensive than treatment with a device a few years old. Additionally, the size of the area you want to treat may have an impact on the cost.

You must also understand laser treatments for skin tightening are usually prescribed by clinicians in batches of four to six. That means a per-appointment price quoted by your clinician is not the final price you will pay for all treatments. Make sure you ask for a clear per-procedure and a clear total estimate before booking a series of laser skin tightening treatments.

Why Laser Skin Tightening is Best for Certain Skin Types
Modern technology makes it possible for you to have your skin tightened with lasers in most cases. However, there are some situations that can make finding the right laser to treat your skin difficult. Depending on your skin type, your clinician may also recommend against laser treatment entirely.

One issue is skin color. Lasers almost universally work better for people with lighter colored skin. Dark skin tones can be temporarily or permanently lightened by the laser beam. Therefore, it can leave you with patches of noticeably lightened skin. One exception is a YAG laser device, which is often used to treat darker skin tones. However, it is best to consult your clinician before choosing a treatment.

Another issue that could affect your laser skin tightening candidacy is how oily your skin is. Oily skin is particularly hazardous because it presents a potential burn risk. The heat from the laser can easily cause excessive skin oils to boil. That may result in temporary blisters or even permanent scarring.

What Happens During Laser Skin Tightening
When you show up for a laser skin tightening appointment your skin must be devoid of any substances that could interact poorly with the laser, such as perfumes or lotions. Your clinician will give you instructions about substances to avoid ahead of time. Upon arrival, your skin may be numbed by the clinician. Then the laser will be briefly pointed at any areas needing treatment. It only takes a fraction of a second to treat a small area about the size of a quarter. During the procedure cool air may also be used to keep you comfortable.

What Happens After Laser Skin Tightening
After laser skin tightening you can resume your normal activities almost immediately. Your clinician will give you aftercare instructions and may provide you with a cream to apply to your skin. The purpose of the cream is to hydrate the skin and protect it from the sun during the healing process. Shortly after the appointment you may experience some swelling. Itchiness and redness are also common. They should subside within a week.

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