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Canal Toys- So Bomb DIY Bath Kit


Canal Toys- So Bomb DIY Bath Kit

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Bath bombs are huge in this house. They are not only fun to buy, but fun to use. What better way to combine our love than making them right here in the comfort of our own home??

The Canal Toys- So Bomb DIY Bath Kit features everything you need to create 3 amazing bath bombs. We found they were super easy to make and not very complicated at all because full instructions were sent in the kit.

All we needed was water and 3 mixing bowls which are easy to come by in this house. I may or may not have a mixing bowl obsession. Either way, we created several different patterns and also got to add in some surprises that would later reappear in the bath tub.


Here are all of the supplies that we were sent. The trickiest part was making sure that all of the lumps were out of the bags before pouring them into the bowls, but either way that wasn’t too bad either and we were left with nice powder to scoop into the molds.


The finished product was amazing! I admit to swiping one of these for myself and using it. They hold up really well and are extra fizzy!!


Just $11.00 on Amazon and you will have this by Christmas. Anyone on your DIY loving shopping list will love this kit!


About So Bomb DIY

Bath Fizzy (3 Piece)

Make your own Bath Fizzy Bombs with a surprise inside! It’s so easy and so fizzy. Just mix, mold and add a surprise figurine. Makes 3 2.4 inch diameter round bath bombs.

Includes 3 Bath Bomb Molds, 3 Bags of Baking Soda, 3 Bags of Citric Acid Powder, 1 Bag of Decorative Sprinkles, 1 Pipette, 3 Surprise Figurines

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