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Capabunga Cheese Vault

Capabunga Cheese Vault

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About Capabunga Cheese Vault

The Cheese Vault is a simple and reusable way to store your artisan cheese.

Cheese experts agree that the worst possible way to store your cheese is the way we all do it – by wrapping it in plastic wrap. Cheese needs to “breathe” and eliminate excess moisture to maintain its flavor and delay molding just like in a cheese cave. Until now, the only recommended solution for proper cheese storage was to use disposable wrappers or bags.The Cheese Vault is made of food-grade silicone and features a bottom designed to wick away excess moisture and a top that means any moisture that does collect on the interior lid is directed away from the cheese. There is also a divider that can be used to separate two smaller pieces of cheese, keeping each piece fresh and tasty without mingling flavors. One of the sides is polished so the name and date can be written for easy identification and erased and reused. It is ridiculously simple to use – just put the cheese inside, identify the cheese and date stored on the outside, put the lid on top and store in the refrigerator. Recommended for firm cheeses.


What We Thought

Cheese is a literal staple in our house. We go through so much and it is used at every special gathering we have and for every day use, too.

I love that our boys enjoy such a wide variety of cheese including those that many people would consider being more for adult tastebuds. Our oldest loves a good strong cheddar just like I did when I was younger.

The Cheese Vault allows us to preserve 2 small pieces of cheese or one large one which is great. With Valentine’s Day coming up I plan to have a nice dinner at home with my husband (boys included) instead of spending money on a night our plus a babysitter. To me Valentine’s Day is about more than just being with my husband but celebrating the love that we have for our boys, too. That isn’t saying we may not go out later, but we like to spend the actual day with our guys. Before I serve up a big dinner made with some extra love we will of course have cheese.

I’ve been doing a lot of research lately on charcuterie trays and plates and absolutely love the idea of using a variety of cheeses, meats and fruit on a plate to make a fancy spread right in my home. I am already making my list for the grocery store for what to add to our special Valentine’s tray.


If you are looking for a way to save your beloved cheese and make it last longer while not developing fridge smells, check out the Cheese Vault. It is simply amazing and doesn’t take up much room in the fridge either.

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