Car Shopping Made Easy with

Car Shopping Made Easy with

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The last time we were in the market for a car I was pregnant. We began shopping pretty much immediately after finding out that we were having baby #1 because the car that we had was not really all that safe and we wanted something that my husband could use both for his outdoor adventures, but would also double as a family vehicle, too.

In came

We kinda knew what we wanted, but wanted to be sure that we were not traveling too far to look at cars every day and also needed resources on the safety of our choices. Another huge thing for us was budget. We knew pretty much down to the penny what we could afford to finance because we were on a pretty strict Sheriff’s Office salary at that point. made shopping easy and also fun. We could browse vehicles at any time day or night and not be limited due to time restrictions when we could “window shop.”

My husband wanted a truck, it HAD to have 4 doors and had to be 4WD. We looked and looked at all types of makes, models and compared prices. We test drove some, we passed quite a few and finally our dream truck was discovered partly because of and a very caring dealer at our local place that my husband had known for quite a few years.

We walked in with a print off of a vehicle that we liked from and that one had just sold. In my hormonal pregnancy mood I wanted to cry. Literally… we had devoted months to looking for this perfect vehicle and here we were with me getting bigger by what seemed like the minute and becoming more and more uncomfortable on these trips to look at vehicles we found our dream truck that day. I was SO happy. We stayed within our budget, knew the safety ratings of the truck and knew that it would be perfect to bring our little boy home from the hospital.

To this day we are still the proud owners of a GMC Sierra 1500 which has had little to no maintenance and has traveled on quite a few big family trips. It now holds both of our boys and is our primary vehicle.

In the next year we hope to acquire another car, this time an SUV and we are already browsing in hopes that our next dream car pops up!


If you are in the market to unload your less than perfect car there are places to do that as well. Having the extra cash handy for a down payment on a new car is something that is always helpful when acquiring a new vehicle loan.




Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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