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Career Options In Education That Don’t Involve Teaching

Teaching is one of the toughest jobs there is. It involves long hours and a lot of stress and responsibility. It takes a certain type of person to be able to control a classroom full of kids and teach them something in the process. If you haven’t got the right type of personality, you won’t be able to cope with the job. But what if you still want to work in education? Plenty of people want to work in education and help shape the future for children, but they know they aren’t cut out to be a teacher. There are all sorts of jobs that you can do in education but most people don’t know about them. If you’re looking for a career in education that doesn’t involve teaching, these are just some of your options.

Office Roles


If you aren’t worried about working directly with the children but still want to work in a school, you could consider an office role. The duties are similar to any other office role and if you’ve got experience, you won’t need to get any extra educational qualifications. It’s a good way of working in education without such a full on role.


School Counselor


The wellbeing of the children is the most important thing in a school and it could be up to you to look after it if you pursue a career as a school counselor. Some people aren’t so keen on the actual teaching aspect and prefer one on one time with the kids that helps them in a meaningful way. You’ll need to take a masters in school counseling to get qualified before you’ll be able to apply for positions but you can do one online in less than two years. In the midst of a mental health crisis amongst young people, there is a huge demand for good school counselors that can help kids work through their problems before they spiral out of control.


Curriculum Creator


Somebody needs to write all of the materials that the kids study, and that could be you. It’s a very exciting time to get into curriculum writing because education is changing. New technology and changing attitudes to education are inspiring a rethink in the way that we teach our kids. You could be at the forefront of this exciting change if you find work writing the curriculum for children.


Educational Consulting


People that have the skills to be a teacher but don’t necessarily want to deal with the excessive workload would do well in educational consulting. It covers a range of different things so if you’re looking for variety in a career it’s perfect. You can lead seminars for teachers to help them learn new techniques and give them coaching that they can use in the classroom. Most educational consultants work freelance so it’s a good choice if you want to work in education without committing to regular hours at the same school.


These are just three of the job options in education that don’t involve being a teacher but if you look, there are plenty more out there.

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