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Career Options if You Want to Make a Difference in the Lives of Others

If you are looking for a career that helps others, then they do come in a range of shapes and sizes. You could teach and help others, work in a medical career, or get quite hands-on in an emergency services job. Helping people comes in different ways too, from being a lawyer to a social worker, and everything in between. At the government level, you can help people in a wider way, helping with the legislation and laws that will protect them. There are definitely a range of options if you are looking for a career to help others and make a difference. 

Education and teaching

Working in a teaching career will allow you to help others and get the satisfaction of seeing the results in quite an immediate way. Not only can teachers work in schools, but they can work in colleges, and work closely with children and adults with special educational needs. You can even help to teach and educate in prisons for younger offenders, as well as hospitals and other institutes. You do need to have a degree in order to be able to teach, but there are options if you don’t want to retrain, such as working as a playworker, in childcare, a youth worker, or as a teaching assistant. 


Medical careers

A career in medicine is a great option for you, especially if you want to help others and see the impact that your work has on them. You can also take part in research in a medical career that can go on to have a great impact on others. You don’t just have to be a doctor, though, when it comes to a medical career. You could train to be a nurse with this degree program in family nursing. You could become a midwife, a therapist, or take a range of other routes that could range from physical therapy to psychiatry. 


Social work

If you want to get involved in social work, then it is all about helping families and individuals to get the support that they need. It might be that you help elderly people or perhaps adults with learning needs or with mental health issues. In these circumstances, it is helping them to become as independent as possible. There can also be some concerns with child protection that social workers will look at, as well as looking into and managing adoption and fostering of children. All in all, the work of a social worker can vary massively, and can also involve some connection between medical professionals and schools too. If you wanted to get involved with this without a degree, then it could be helping with tasks like cooking, washing, and other life skills. 


There is such a range when it comes to careers that help people, that there is bound to be something that fits in with your life and your needs. A lot offer flexibility if you have a family, which is why they can all be good career options.

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