Cate & Chloe Unconditional Love VIP May Box

Cate & Chloe Unconditional Love VIP May Box

I received the mentioned products from Cate & Chloe in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this review are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About Cate & Chloe Unconditional Love VIP May Box-

There are many reasons to celebrate the month of May, Cinco De Mayo, Memorial Day and even National Burger Day to name a few, but there is one holiday that we all carry deeply in our hearts…Mother’s Day. We celebrate the woman who brought you into this world, who raised you, and loves you unconditionally. So, this year why not treat her, to a nice meal at a restaurant or café that has those killer scones she adores. And then surprise her with some new jewelry from your Cate & Chloe May VIP Box.  Go on she’ll love it!



What We Thought-

Mother’s Day is coming and if you are like me and have a Mom who has everything this box may be for her. Pictured above is everything I got from Cate & Chloe in their Unconditional Love VIP Box for the month of May.

I got really excited at the opportunity to review this box simply because I love jewelry and love to show it off to my family and friends but also with the readers here at Product Review Cafe.

I have to tell you guys that this is some quality product!! I absolutely love it. The bracelet is my favorite piece, but I wanted to share with everyone how I was chosen to get the pieces in my box. I got to take his awesome style quiz which picked these pieces for me based on the answers to the questions. The quiz hit the nail on the head for me and I know it will for many others as well.

The bracelet fits what all of my close friends call my “child sized” features and for that I am thankful. I own literally 2 bracelets because they always fall off and I do not want to lose them and waste money replacing them. Everyone buys me jewelry but always skips the bracelet part because I can never find anything to fit. This one absolutely did as shown in the photo. I LOVE IT!!

Matching necklace and ear rings also came with this and they were wrapped up beautifully. I felt like it was Christmas when I received them the day before Easter. They will go with so many things in my wardrobe and I feel that they can be used for both dress-up and casual wear.

Also this month there is a special bonus of a detangling conditioning spray. I have some messy hair. The statement “messy hair don’t care” totally qualifies for me. Most days I just do not feel like using the energy to take care of it so these products come in handy for me. I have wavy hair that is extremely fine, so it tangles like crazy. This spray worked great to work the tangles out without feeling that I was going to rip the hair out of my head.

If you are looking for something special for a Mom in your life, or if you just want to spoil yourself this is definitely the box for you. Also this month I have a very special coupon code for my readers. Here are the details:


35% OFF All One Month Subscriptions (The Starter Package, Double the Fun, Full VIP Status)


The box retails for $19.99 so you will be getting an amazing deal with this code. Take advantage of it and share with your friends.


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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