• Construction

    Cable work – Frequently Made Mistakes

    Electricity is one of the most important utilities in the workplaces, production sites, buildings where we live, etc. Proper selection of cables is the basis for the failure-free operation of the electrical installation. Another, equally important, is the correct arrangement of the wires. Experience shows that it is not worth taking shortcuts and laying wires without following the basic rules. Errors resulting from apparent savings on the number of wires and carelessness will have very negative effects. A badly made installation will have to be corrected, and the costs of this work may well exceed the profits from the original work. What are the most common mistakes? Insufficient number of…

  • Construction

    The Logistics of Managing a Large Scale Construction Project

    The Logistics of Managing a Large Scale Construction Project Construction projects of any size require strict planning and management to ensure that it’s completed on time, within budget restrictions, and free from safety issues. However, managing a large-scale construction project may come with additional requirements such as complex logistics to coordinate multiple activities at once.    For those new to the industry, understanding these processes can be overwhelming—but don’t worry! We’ll discuss the logistics behind managing a large-scale project and offer practical advice on how to ensure success throughout the process. Read on for key tips that will help you stay organized and make your next big venture an efficient…

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