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Why CBD Edibles Are Better Than CBD Oil

Why CBD Edibles Are Better Than CBD Oil


Cannabis has gained favor as a viable medical option for patients suffering from a wide variety of ailments. For thousands of years humans have used cannabis, both in the form of raw plant material, and extracts and preparations made thereof. There are a variety of different ways that CBD can be ingested, vaping CBD containing oils is currently the most popular method but there are many other options.

Most CBD extracts are purchased in the form of oils or tinctures and both of these, unless marked otherwise, will be suitable for mixing in with food or drink in order to produce CBD edibles. Edibles encompass any food that contains CBD and the only limit on what it can be mixed with is your own imagination, CBD can be mixed with any food that you enjoy but it cannot be heated above a certain temperature without degrading and is therefore unsuitable for cooking. It can however be added to food after it is cooked.

There are a number of reasons why ingesting CBD in the form of an edible is preferable to other methods. Many patients who have experience with the raw cannabis plant are reluctant to try edibles as it is easy to prepare edibles from the cannabis plant incorrectly and thus waste material. With CBD there is no need to worry about this, because the CBD has already been extracted from the plant material so there is no need to prepare it in a specific way as you would with the raw material. According to this cbdMD review, CBD edibles are most popular in the form of gummies

Absorption Rate

One of the reasons that cannabis and CBD edibles have been preferred by many over other


 routes of administration is the rate at which the substance is released in to the body. When cannabis or a CBD preparation is smoked or vaporized it is rapidly absorbed in to the bloodstream and is also expelled relatively quickly. Conversely, when edibles are used the drug is released slowly as the food is broken down, this allows for a slower rate of absorption and for the drug to stay in the user’s system for longer.

Because the CBD is absorbed and excreted from the body more slowly it doesn’t need to be dosed as often and therefore edibles allow users to take their medication throughout the day in a discreet but effective manner.


Smoking remains the most common method of ingesting cannabis, and vaping for specific cannabis extracts. Unfortunately, for many patients neither smoking nor vaping are suitable and can exacerbate existing health problems. For these kin of patients, edibles offer a viable alternative and because edible preparations are now widely available from dispensaries they can be purchased ready for consumption.

Patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal or digestive problems often report that eating their CBD preparations makes them much more effective at treating these conditions when compared with vaping or smoking.

Many patients have also reported that CBD edibles have a greater antiemetic (nausea reducing) effect, this is of particular importance to those who are also suffering from cancer and similar diseases which can not only cause nausea on their own but which also require medications that can exacerbate this.


When CBD edibles are consumed the effects are much more prolonged when compared with vaporizing or smoking, which allows for less frequent dosing throughout the day. Some patients also find that they can take an oil or tincture which is of a high concentration or strength, and disperse it throughout food in order to more precisely manage their dosage level.

Types of Edibles

Virtually any food you can think of can be turned in to a CBD edible by simply mixing it with a tincture or oil. However, there are also certain types of food which many patients report as being particularly effective as a carrying substance for the CBD. Usually foods that are high in fat are preferred because they will absorb some of the CBD and further prolong its effects. For more guidanceon what types of edibles are out there, these are the top rated CBD edibles of 2017.  

CBD edibles have gained popularity in recent years and continue to do so as awareness of the benefits of this route of administration become more widely known. Edibles offer patients an effective and efficient way of dosing which is also discreet, patients can eat their CBD infused edibles without being noticeable to anyone around them.

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