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CEO Bentsur Joseph’s A2Z Advanced Solutions Gearing Up to Take on Civilian Robotics Companies – 4 Reasons They Are Here to Stay


CEO Bentsur Joseph announced that A2Z Advanced Solutions, a robotics company based out of Israel, is all set to enter the civilian robotics market. While not many people have heard of A2Z Advanced Solutions in the west, the company is an established defence player in Israel. It has worked closely with Israel Defence Forces, Israel Police, and other Israeli government agencies. 


A2Z Advanced Solutions is a robotics engineering company that specializes in manufacturing platforms for the defence forces in Israel. They have proven platforms that are routinely used in combat zones including a bomb defusing robot as well as a versatile counter-terrorism robot unit that can be used in various battlefield scenarios such as obstruction clearance, crowd dispursement, and  various other roles. 


According to the statement by Bentsur Joseph, the company is eyeing entry into the Canadian civilian market. While there is still no confirmation about their exact product line, they are likely to introduce robot platforms for high-risk job roles for various industries and governmental agencies. 


The company already provides maintenance and tech support services to companies that use robotic solutions. There is a high chance they are going to target industries that are already invested in robotics to provide similar services.


4 Reasons A2Z Advanced Solutions is Here to Stay


The problem with most startups these days is lack of experience and budgetary constraints. Even if they have great ideas, startups usually lack the discipline or the financial strength to turn that into reality. 


It’s easy to see why A2Z Advanced Solutions’ entry into the Canadian robotics sphere is going to be built upon a solid foundation. The following are the 4 reasons why the company is here to stay. 


Industries Already Looking for Robotic Solutions for Dangerous Job Roles


The first and probably the most valid reason for the probable success of the company is the current market. Companies are spending millions of dollars every year to develop industry-specific robotics solutions to increase productivity and reduce human involvement in high-risk jobs. Industries such as mining, construction, logging, heavy machinery, and energy already use robotic platforms. 


The inclination of CEOs towards finding automated and robotic solutions creates the perfect grounds for a defence robotics company to enter the civilian space.


Over 30 Years of Experience


A problem with a lot of tech startups, especially robotics companies is the initial research that goes into creating a working prototype. Thankfully, for A2Z Advanced Solutions, they already have more than 30 years of experience under their belt. They have created proven and versatile robotic platforms that are known to be effective in active battlefields. This means their learning curve to adjust to the civilian market is going to be minimal and they will be able to develop industry-specific units much faster.


For a lot of cases, it will just be about fitting the right tool to an existing platform. For example, A2Z Advanced Solutions Counter-Terrorism unit can be fitted with a bulldozer blade, a robotic hand, and other tools.


Backed Up by Sound Financials


A2Z Advanced Solutions has been operating successfully in Israel for more than 30 years. This means they have ongoing defence contracts and a base of local clients to witness a steady flow of revenue. Unlike budding startups, the company is far less likely to be caught cash-strapped when taking on ambitious endeavors.


They Are Likely to Introduce New Solutions


Defence companies, especially tech and robotics firms, have a lot of patented and proprietary technologies. This means when they enter the civilian market, they often introduce brand new products and prototypes. This creates a new market and shifts the advantage to their favor.


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