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Child Friendly Slots That Got Banned

Child Friendly Slots That Got Banned

Online slots and everything gambling-related is a strictly adult business. However, when some slots from become child-friendly, there may be cause for alarm. In this text, you will find out about child-friendly slots that got banned.


Fruity friends, Frozen queen, Fluffy kittens, and pink dragons are the kind of things children think about and are excited to see on the big or small screens of their mobile gadgets. However, these beautiful characters are also typical of the types of child-friendly images that gambling websites use.


While there are regulations that frown at the betting industry directly targeting kids with adverts, there is none to stop such websites offering casino games filled with these catchy images. The question you may want to ask is, how many child-friendly slots are out there? Well, there are countless of them.

Child-friendly slots 

A simple Google search by anyone using some titles associated with the fairytale can generate results of casino games with similar titles. One slot-machine game that is featured on so many websites is themed around a cartoon Pied Piper. Also, catchy is the cuddly pets featured on the online slot game titled OMG! Kittens featured on


While the titles above may not have got any sanctions, two ads ran by the online casino 32Red were found amongst the search result thrown up by a search of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and have been banned for being potentially appealing to kids.


On, players can find Fluffy Favourites online slots that boast about being Packed with happy hippos, pink elephants, and dinky dragons.


Similarly, on Betfair, you will find slot machine games that show cartoon penguins, Top Trumps, which is a popular children’s card game, and the Big Bad Wolf, which is a familiar fairy tale character. 


Other child-friendly slot games that gave cause for worry include Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel, Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood, and Fairies Forest.


Children are at risk of engaging in these slot games as anyone can try them out without any form of checks in “free-play mode.”


With how smart children have become in the 21st century, they can easily sign up with a fake address, email address, and date of birth, and they fall into the temptation to start playing once they get on-site money or welcome bonuses. There is no only age verification on most sites apart from checking a box.


While in theory, we assume that children can’t lose money on gambling sites, it was reported in 2019 how a 13-year-old boy quickly blew £60,000 in one week betting online after signing up for an online gambling account using his father’s credit card.


Casinos and the advertising standard authority battle on child-friendly slot ban

From an online gambling perspective, a spokesperson for an online casino site says there is always a risk of creating exciting games for adults that might become attractive to children, but it would never deliberately target youngsters.


The above statement is in contrast with an adjudication recently published by the ASA against, operated by ProgressPlay Limited of Malta.


The ruling of the Advertising Standards Authority concerned these three games: Fairytale Legends Hansel and Gretel, Fairytale Legends Red Riding Hood, and Fairies Forest.

M88 claimed that the affected games were created by a third party software company and could be found on other gambling sites. They also maintained that the games had no content that was likely to be appealing to children.


The Advertising Standard Authority disagreed with the stand of M88 and ruled that the three games listed above violated multiple advertising codes.


According to the program director at the Gambling Commission, Ian Angus, It is not acceptable for a gambling website to display any freely accessible advert, featuring images that will likely appeal particularly to people below 18.


Ian Angus went further to show support for any action taken by the ASA against websites and firms that do not protect children.


The search results for search term “Jack and the beanstalk” were investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and they challenged 32Red whether the ads they ran were likely to appeal to children and individuals below 18 years of age.


32Red agreed that the ads were explicitly targeting Google users who searched the terms ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ as it corresponds to the 32Red games like ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’


They also added that the Jack and the Beanstalk slot game was classified as “high risk,” so visitors to the website could not see it listed unless they complete an age-verification process. However, in this case, the game had been added to the list of slot games in error on the website.

The ASA pointed out that the inclusion of a reference to the fairytale story “Jack and the Beanstalk” meant that the two ads were likely to be of specific appeal to kids.


The ASA said Jack and the Beanstalk was a highly universal classic children’s fairy tale, making them consider a strong possibility that children would use this search term or even adults who were in the company of a child.


Even though the ASA welcomed 32Red’s action in taking down the ads, they concluded the website had breached the Code.”


The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has also placed a ban on an ad run by the Mr. Monopoly Online Casino after the ads were found to be appealing to children.

After receiving complaints, the ASA board carried out an investigation and discovered that the advertisement ran by Mr. Monopoly Online Casino indeed encouraged children to take part in gambling. According to the ASA, they found the Ad was designed to capture the attention of children more than an adult, and it is an apparent violation of the gambling adverts guidelines.


The authority has also warned the company and asked that they pull down the advert from all channels.


Chief of one of the biggest gambling operators in the UK, GVC Holdings, recently sought a blanket ban on every gambling ad that pops up during televised sports events. He went further to propose ending jersey sponsorships for football players.

Final thoughts on child-friendly slots that got banned

Slot games with child-friendly themes are not bad in themselves. However, exposing children to such content may breed interest in gambling, and that is the reason for the fight put up by the watchdogs. Keeping children safe from gambling content is a collective responsibility.

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