Choosing the Best Type of Coffee Machine for Your Home

Choosing the Best Type of Coffee Machine for Your Home


People have different ideas on what a good cup of coffee should be. There are different variables that can make one judge if the cup of coffee consumed is satisfactory. These include taste, color and even texture.

You can get quality coffee from the various coffee shops that are out there on the highstreet, however, this can get expensive over time as the price of a cup of coffee seems to keep increasing by the day. 

If you are a coffee fanatic and like to enjoy a high quality cup of coffee, investing in buying a coffee machine is probably a good decision. There are different types of coffee machines available on the market. These machines vary in different ways.

With different types of machines producing various types of coffee, people with all different coffee preferences can be catered for.

This article will discuss the different types of coffee machines available on the market and how you can choose the right machine for your home, taking into considering your preferences and budget.

1. Bean to Cup Machines

This type of coffee machine is best suited for individuals who are coffee enthusiasts. If you are someone who prefers to have a fresh coffee experience every time, then these types machine will never disappoint because each cup of coffee is made from freshly ground beans.

There are several brands of bean to cup machines and they all share the same characteristics of being automated and easy to use. The various brands include machines such as Delonghi Magnifica and Melitta Caffeo Barista just to name a few.

These coffee machines possess the capability to make freshly ground coffee each time someone wishes to enjoy a cup. They are able to offer a variety of functions that can make coffee in different forms, including the style of coffee, the strength of coffee, the amount of milk used, the type of froth and the temperature of the water. Most brands of bean to coffee machines can make a variety of different types of coffee in under a minute, making them ideal for homes and social situations where large quantities of coffee are needed.

The downside is that quality bean to cup machines are expensive to buy. The minimum price for a quality bean to coffee machine is around $300. They are all generally little bulky compared to other types of machine.

2. Capsule Machines

These type of machines are ideal for anyone who likes to take a cup coffee on the go. This is my preferred choice in coffee machines as it offers a quick coffee fix when am late waking up in the morning (which happens often). 

Most of the capsule machines have the same features that include a slot where a coffee capsule is inserted, that’s all it takes to make coffee with these types of machines. There are various brands that are available such as Delonghi Nespresso and Tassimo. The ease of use in these machines is great and they can be practically be used by anyone. 

Fresh coffee beans are not needed as most machines have hermetically sealed roasted coffee beans. Most of these machines are reasonably priced. The main disadvantage of this being that one is only able to make coffee according to manufactures features. Purchasing the pods provided by the manufacturer can prove to be expensive in the long run.

3. Filter Coffee Machines

There are so many brands of coffee machines and some of them come with hefty price tags. This is not the case with filter coffee machines as most of them are available at reasonable prices. These machines work by making water drip slowly through coffee that has already been pre-ground. The coffee then drips into a jug or mug.

Most of the common brands found are Russell Hobbs, Morphy Richards and Melitta. There are of course other top coffee makers but they all the filter coffee machines share a common characteristic and that is that they are inexpensive. The quality of coffee made is still good despite the low pricing in this category. 

These filter coffee machines are able to make around 10 cups in one go with reasonable speed. The major disadvantage about these particular types of coffee machines is that they are only able to make one type of coffee which is black coffee. Most people though prefer black coffee thus this may be an advantage for some people.

4. Traditional Espresso Machines

Despite all the advancements that have been made in coffee machines, the preferred coffee making machines for many is the traditional espresso machine. The reason being that it enables one to make espresso by using different types of pre-ground coffee. They are also cheaper to buy compared to the bean to cup machines, which also make variety of coffee types. The downside to traditional espresso machines over bean to cup machines is that cannot grind the coffee beans. 

The various brands available for this type of machine include the Mr Coffee Café Barista Espresso and various Delonghi models. These machines don’t take up too much space in the kitchen, which is very helpful in a kitchen with many appliances. The best thing about espresso machines is that you can make coffee from many different brands unlike say a capsule machine where you are limited to a specific brand of coffee. 

You can easily customize a drink according to the mood you are in. These machines are also capable of making great amounts of coffee when needed. That’s why it is the most popular type of machine used in cafes, restaurants and other outlets that sell coffee. The main problem with manual espresso machines is that they require mastering the various functions and controls. Also, unlike with bean to cup machines, espresso machines require that you grind the beans separately in larger batches, unless you have the patience and time to grind coffee beans manually for each cup.


I cannot compare all of the various types of coffee machines that are out there on the market within this post, but my goal for writing this post was to categorize the most common types of coffee machines available to help make your decision easier. The different types of machines I have mentioned are able to cater for different preferences and requirements.

In summary, if you need a simple coffee machine for brewing large amounts of coffee then a filter machine is my recommendation. A capsule machine is ideal if you are looking for convenience, you don’t mind being restricted to one brand of coffee and you don’t drink a lot of coffee. If you prefer coffee with fresh taste every time and cost isn’t an issue, then a bean to cup machine is for you. Finally, if you want a cheap coffee machine that gives you a lot of options and don’t mind getting hands-on then an espresso machine is your best option.

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