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Combating Common Hot Weather And Summer Issues

Each month brings up its own challenges, and so does each season. In this article, we’ll focus on summer, and the hotter months in your area or your country. How can you combat common problems and issues that arise due to the heat and the season? From pests to poor sleep, dry skin to burnt skin, read on to find out more…


Poor Sleep

Keeping cool at home can be difficult when it’s hot. It can be even more difficult at night when you are not conscious regulating your body heat. Many of us experience the frustration of waking up during the night just because we are too hot. Well, before you throw off the covers in frustration, it could be something else you’re doing wrong. Check out the material of your nightclothes. If these are made from synthetic fibers, they could be making you excessively hot. Natural fibers, like cotton, are much better are keeping the body cool. Also, check that duvet you’ve just thrown off. What material is the cover made from, and is the tog rating too high? Fixing these two things alone can make a huge difference in how you sleep at night when the weather is hot. Or just hotter than you’re used to! is a great guide to other things you can do to keep cool at home.



Of course, the best way to combat sunburn is not to get it in the first place. However, if it is already too late for that, a solution is what you will need. There is nothing you can do to get rid of it- and it’s after effects like peeling- straight away. However, using a soothing cream or lotion can really help. Aloe Vera is fantastic for this. Just make sure that you learn your lesson and protect your skin and scalp properly next time.


Hot Car

Even if your car has great air-conditioning and fans, it will still get hot sitting in the sun. One of the best ways to combat this is to use a reflective sheet in your windscreen. While the car itself will still the hot, the sheet will ensure things like your steering wheel and dashboard are cool. Well, cool enough to touch and use, at least! There is more on how this actually works here;



There are loads of great things about summer, but there are also some not-so-great things too! Insects and pests are unpleasant, and you’ll want to find a way to deal with them. Look online at sites like for methods to help you do just that.


Dry Skin

Your skin can really dry out in the summer months. The best solution isn’t internal or external…it’s both. Tackle it from the inside by upping your daily intake of water. There is pretty much no such thing as too much water. You can get an idea of you are drinking enough if your urine is clear. This means you are. If it is dark yellow, however, this is a sure sign of dehydration. So, that tackles the problem from the inside. Using a thick and effective moisturizer will also help deal with the issue topically. Apply a coat just before bed so it can soak in overnight.


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