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Should You be Concerned About the Interests and Hobbies of Your Teens?

As a parent, it’s perfectly normal to worry about your children. But the things you worry about do start to change as your children become teens. They’re growing up and the things that they do and the ways in which they behave will change, and it’ll all be very new to you. So, should you worry about the hobbies of your teens and the things that they’re really interested in?




Many teenagers spend a lot of their time playing video games. There is nothing particularly unusual about this hobby. And yes, it can limit their activity, and they should take breaks to get exercise and get some fresh air. But you might not need to worry much about your children playing video games. There are lots of good and positive things that can come out of playing video games.


One reason why they can be good for young people is that they can teach them creative things. For example, many people stream their gaming activities on platforms like Twitch. This means that they have to do things like make Twitch banners and publicise their channels. They might also take an interest in software design and coding as a result of their love of gaming. Games can also be highly social because they’re often played with friends.

Alternative Music Scenes


When you hear your teenage son or daughter listening to music that sounds loud and violent, you might not understand why they’re interested in this. As a parent, you might think that this kind of thing is too adult for them to be taking an interest in. This concern has been around for as long as popular culture and pop music has been around. Don’t worry, parents in the 1950s felt the same way as you do now.


But there is not necessarily anything wrong with your teen being involved in alternative music scenes. In fact, it can often help them to form their identity as they grow up and learn more about themselves. Think back to how you did this when you were young. Even though the music and the clothes might be different, and you might not understand the appeal, the process is the same for them as it was for you.


Socializing Online


This is a difficult topic for many parents to get to grips with. Socializing online is something that pretty much all teenagers do these days. Therefore, it’s not something that you can stop them from doing completely. Even if you wanted to, how would it be feasible? They have phones and access to tech, and that means that monitoring them 24/7 is impossible.

If however the amount of time your child is spending online comes in the way of their school work, you should step in. Rather than turning it into an argument, find ways to encourage and motivate your teenager. You can download this free e-book by Daniel Wong that explains just how to do this if you need some assistance. The other thing that you need to be concerned about when your child is online is if they’re talking to strangers. And that’s why you should try to encourage your children to be open with you about these things. Inform them in a conversational and casual way of the risks of talking to strangers. Don’t be judgmental or harsh about these things. Being open and understanding will yield far better results for everyone.


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