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  • Muhammad Ali

    I’ll save you the fake personalization and get straight to my question:

    Are you running monthly promos for your products?

    If not, you’re leaving between 20k and 200k/mo+ on the table.

    That said, I can help with this, working on a pure commission basis to do so!

    Which means – no retainer.

    No setup fees.

    No hidden costs.

    Instead, I’ll handle everything, writing killer promos in your voice your audience will love…

    And you ONLY pay me a small cut of the sales I’ll bring in each month.


    If so, reply ‘more info’ and I’ll shoot over a short message that details everything.

    P.S. I was recently in a team of copywriters who pulled $5M+ for an eCom brand in one year through emails and promos, and I might be able to replicate some strategies for your offer as well if you’re interested.

    P.P.S. If you don’t want to hear from me again, just say ‘not interested’ and I’ll strike you off my list. But perhaps worth checking out the quick message first?

    Muhammad Ali

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