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Cool Seating Options To Consider For Your Garden

One of the best parts about having a garden is being able to sit outside in your own little natural haven. And so of course, great seating is essential. Whether you use the garden host family parties, relax with friends or just sit out in the evening and take in the views you’ll need to find the best seating for you. Here are some cool ideas to consider.


Outdoor Sofas

Bring the comfort of your living room into your garden! Outdoor sofas are ideal for informal gatherings, or just lounging outside with a book on a mild day. Choose quality materials here, as they will last longer when exposed to the elements during the year. An outdoor wicker furniture set for example will be water and mold resistant and won’t fade or warp. This means it will be a sound investment for the garden, and something that will get plenty of use. Finished with some comfy cushions, an outdoor coffee table, and even an outdoor rug and you have the perfect spot to sit outside!


Outdoor Bean Bags

For something really informal, or to just add extra seating when you’re throwing a party, outdoor bean bags are fantastic! A comfy place to sit out and enjoy the sun’s rays rather than lying on a blanket on the floor or using a traditional sun lounger. Just make sure you have enough room to store these in your shed or garage during the off-seasons.



Garden Swing

Is there anything more relaxing than the gentle sway of a garden swing? You could sit out with a glass of wine in the evening, or a cup of coffee in the morning. There’s also something romantic about a swinging seat for two, the ideal place to sit with your loved one. Choosing a good quality wood is advisable, metal frames can be squeaky and are also known to rust over time.



Outdoor Dining Set

If you host a lot of barbecues or enjoy alfresco dining it’s worth investing in an outdoor dining set. The size will depend on how many people you usually have around. You could go with a traditional table and chairs style set or opt for picnic benches. Because you can put up a parasol at most outdoor dining tables, it makes for a great spot to relax that’s shaded from the sun.


Swinging Pod Chair

The perfect seat for one. Pod chairs are incredibly comfy, and ideal if you like to sit out alone and enjoy the views of your garden. These are usually in the form of a base with a hook, and a ‘pod’ or basket suspended from them. You’ll find can find them made of wicker, plastic, wood or even canvas. If you have an empty corner of your garden, something like this will make a fantastic addition. These are becoming more popular so you’ll probably find them on the highstreet, but if not there are lots of places to buy online.


What kind of garden seating best suits your lifestyle? Do you currently have any of these in your back garden?


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