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The Core Decor Your Home Needs

When it comes to building a real home for yourself, the task is easier than it may seem on the surface. The majority of people either have the practical element of running a home down to a fine art, or the fine art side of designing a home down to a fine art. Either way, it’s rare that any of us ever get both of those things right. Of course, I’m not suggesting you should become an electrician or a builder if that isn’t your thing, and I’m not suggesting you should try your hand at painting if that isn’t your thing. You might end up making a mess in both those scenarios.


However, there’s no reason that these two very-different types of home development can’t walk hand in hand. Practical appliances, technology and furnishings positioned around your house can look pretty whilst having a functional use, and the same goes for the aesthetically-pleasing, but seemingly-functionless objects you own. I’ll discuss some of the core decor that I think your home needs, because such things have a practical use, rather than simply being a delicious piece of eye candy.

Security cameras.

This is an odd suggestion with which to open, I know. Technically this is exterior design, rather than interior design, but a security system is a necessity for most households in the modern era. Given that burglaries happen no matter how secure homes are, because windows can easily be smashed by those willing to go the extra mile, the best way to tackle incidents such as these is to have a line of defence after you preemptive defences.


If a burglary is going to happen, documenting the incident on a security camera means the criminal can be identified later. As an aesthetic element, a security camera will create a serious and threatening presence in the eyes potential intruders, but, given the sleek nature of modern technology, it won’t impede the overall aesthetic of your house as long as you set up this technology in a strategic location.


Fine rugs and linen.

Here’s one with which you can easily get on board. Sometimes it’s wiser to spend a little more time and save a heck of a lot of money over many years, rather than opting for a cheaper option and ended up replacing something year, after year, after year. In this case, I’m talking about the quality of the materials which go into your tablecloths, napkins and rugs. Is that rug you bought last year already starting to look a little tacky?


Don’t settle for a cheaper alternative. Allow yourself the luxury of going for that beautifully-designed towel with the floral textures and the intricate weaving, because this isn’t just a greedy choice based on the aesthetic quality of an item. Opting for materials such as soft cotton means you’re making a smart, practical purchase of an item which will last you many years, and that’s a necessity in a home you might own for the rest of your life.

The importance of a good night’s rest.

Your bedroom may look great, but the main question you should be asking yourself is if you feel great when you wake up each morning. A neat and tidy room is one thing, but your pretty bed is worthless if it isn’t suited to your sleeping needs. Of course, I’m talking more about the mattress and pillow quality here. The point is that you can keep the aesthetic of your bedroom, but you have to consider more than just how good your home looks. You have to think about the practicality of necessities you use every night, and a comfy bed is one of those necessities.


So many people get a bad night’s sleep without realising that the cause was an old, uncomfy mattress or a pillow which provides little support for their neck. Keep the cute duvet and pillow covers, but all means, but swap out the uncomfy pillows themselves. If you invest in some new bedroom furniture in general, this gives you an excuse to give the entire room a makeover. It can be a design project and a practical project. Just put your health first, but a comfortable bed is essential to any bedroom in any home. If you’re not sleeping well, you’re not doing something right.

Storage solutions.

If you’re a shopaholic when it comes to quirky home items, then you should be channelling that energy into purchases you actually need. If you’re smart about it, then you can justify going for some things by finding practical functions for them around your home. For example, wicker baskets are a great way to store all those loose books or toys, if you have children, cluttering up your home.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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