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Crab Pot Christmas Trees

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Crab Pot Christmas Trees

About Crab Pot Christmas Trees:

During much of the year, Harvey and Sons in Davis, NC looked like a typical supplier to the commercial fishing industry, with stacks of brightly colored crab traps (locally termed “crab pots”) a major product. The variable nature of the fisheries, and a desire to keep the family business growing, as a legacy for his sons, prompted Nicky Harvey to look for other products.

Mr. Harvey’s roots go deep in the Down East culture, where “making do” and “doing with the materials at hand” are long traditions. His fertile mind played with ideas of what could be done with left-over materials, and he experimented with making miniature crab traps for coastal decor. Then he began experimenting with triangles of the coated wire mesh, and the Core Sound Christmas tree was born.

The unique artificial tree was an immediate hit with friends and neighbors, who loved seeing the traditional material put to a new use. But Nicky’s brain just didn’t quit there… he experimented until he found a way to string lights on the tree so that the product could be folded flat to 5% of their open position and then opened for display with the light strings remaining in place. U.S. Patent #6773134 was granted in 2004


What We Thought:

Okay, so who would have ever thought you could turn a crab pot into a Christmas tree? I know I sure didn’t. We have had SO much fun with this tree and well after the holiday season was over last year we continued to leave it lit and change up the decor some. I love that this tree is so versatile, but when it came time to put it away until the 2017 Holiday Season it literally folded down flat. You can store this thing anywhere!

Right now there is a huge Christmas in July sale happening and you can score a Crab Pot Tree for quite a bit less than retail cost. They come in sizes from 1 1/2 feet up to 8 feet tall! You can literally stun your family, friends and neighbors with this great tree.

I love this concept because it it totally weather-proof, so I don’t have to worry about a winter storm or even a rain storm shorting out any wires or causing rust and other disturbances with the wire.

We are so impressed that I would have a yard full of these amazing trees and not think twice. They are that good and this comes from someone who does not decorate outdoors for holidays.


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