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Crayola Dough Barnyard Play Centre and Deluxe Creativity Set Review

Crayola Dough Barnyard Play Centre and Deluxe Creativity Set Review

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As a Mom to a toddler, I was giddy at the chance to check out these sets! My son is big into playing with dough in the most imaginative ways and these sets did not let us down. We played with them for hours and before I knew it, I was late for making dinner! I love that this dough has that classic dough smell and the sizes of the containers were very generous (2 oz in the sets, 5 oz in the solo tubs), more than enough for creating all sorts of things with the provided molds or with just your hands! Plus, the colors are hard to beat- truly like a Crayola crayon! I loved how the colors really matched the color of their container. The consistency of the dough may seem a little bit stiff at first but fear not, it becomes pliable and workable in no time once you knead it just a bit.

First up- the Barnyard Play Centre. Isn’t this set the cutest? We live in a fairly rural area so we are exposed to farms quite often. My kiddo LOVES cows so his face really lit up over being able to mold his own! Included in this set are molds that create 3D cows and dogs when pressed against the barn which is really neat; you can also just press the mold into dough on the table for a 2D effect. Either way, we got the cows and dogs to stand which was fun. The set also includes a variety of tools to help “cut” your creations out of any excess dough or simply cut dough for other projects or just dig around! I love the cute farm scene and that it’s on fairly durable, thick paper so it will be around for lots of Crayola dough fun! With the exception of the white dough [that wasn’t included in this set], we stuck to the included colors while playing but you can certainly branch out and use other colors to make more accurately colored items. We “grew” a garden, reconstructed our farm about 10 times and even had the dogs herd the cows into their pasture. The possibilities really are endless with this set!

Next up- Deluxe Creativity Set. Wowza, what a fun set! My favorite part was the multi-function tool because it was SO versatile and perfectly sized for little hands. The roller was easy to take apart and assemble with the molds; my son was able to do it completely on his own once I showed him how to slide the molds into place. After that, he didn’t need me! Many of the tools assisted in clearing away extra dough from the pressed mold and the roller was easy to roll into the dough.  There is so much to do with this set because of course outside of the roller items, the multi-function tool allows for all kinds of dough fun. We used the orange “saw” to cut “logs” of brown dough, we used the scissors to cut “grass” and we pressed diamonds into the dough with the orange diamond extension but our favorite was by far the funny yellow piece (it looks like a pie crust cutter to me) because it made a neat wavy texture. My son said it looked like crinkle cut french fries so we cut some pretend fries for dinner! Like I said, we spent hours playing with these sets because the possibilities really are endless.

Check out that tongue- the concentration!

Working those arm muscles while rolling out some boats, trains and airplanes!

The finished products of the roller molds and one of our pretend fries!

Without a doubt, Crayola dough sets will make for great presents this holiday season. Not only are they interactive and fun for kiddos but they’re hugely educational too! I love that it allows kids the opportunity to work on fine motor skills and strengthening their little hands as well as fostering their little imaginations and helping them to think outside the box all while still being something fun for parents to get involved in, too. Truly fun for all ages!

And at only $24.99, it’s an awesome, abundant product with something different to offer at each use!

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Children will make amazing creations and experience hours of hands-on, imaginative play with the Crayola Modeling Dough Deluxe Creativity Set. Crayola Dough is a soft, non-toxic modeling compound that’s easy for children to mold into any shape they can imagine. This set includes four containers of Crayola Dough in a variety of brilliant colors, plus a mold roller, six mold roller inserts, and 6-way modeling toll for hours of fun. Resealable lids keep the dough soft and fresh when not in use. Crayola Dough is safe for children and washes up easily from most surfaces.




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