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Creating Comfort in the Bedroom

When you get home after a long day, you should be able to breathe in, relax and spend the rest of the evening in the lap of luxury and comfort. Sadly, this simply isn’t the case for many of us, and it isn’t the case because the very places we should be able to relax in comfort, like the bedroom, are simply not up to the job. If you want that to changes, you need to create a comfortable bedroom that you’ll love. Here are some tips to help you do just that:


Freshen the Space Up


Sometimes, all it takes to transform a bedroom from bad to beautiful is a new coat of paint and a good deep cleaning session. Removing any dust and dirt will certainly make the room feel more comfortable, as will replacing your current paint job with a more soothing color, such as pale grey, green, blue or white.


Invest in a Quality Mattress

Of course, the majority of time spent in the bedroom will be in bed, which is why, if you want to be comfortable, you might need to purchase a new mattress. Mattresses that are even just a few years old can start to become uncomfortable and in need of replacement. A good mattress is one that will comfortably support your whole body and help you to feel more relaxed. When choosing a new mattress, it is important, therefore, to test out various models, if possible, so that you can find the perfect fit.


Invest in Quality Bedding


What could be comfier that relaxing into bed after a hot shower, nestling into a soft, warm comforter and placing your head on a pillow that makes you feel like you’re floating on air? Nothing, right? That‘s why, once you’ve made your bed more comfy with a new mattress, you should also consider buying new bed comforters, pillows, and sheets which are of the best quality you can afford. This alone will make a huge amount of difference.


Blankets and Throws


To add an extra level of snuggly comfort to the bedroom, add several throws and blankets into the mix. Not only will they look great draped over the bed, but they’ll give you greater control over your warmth levels so that you’re never too cold.


Add Some Plants

The presence of plants in the home has been proven to aid relaxation, clean the air (if you choose the right plants) and brighten up the place. So, if you want to transform your bedroom into a truly relaxing haven that you can retreat to at the end of a long day, fill the place with plants and the stress will just melt away.


Install Air-Con


If you want to ensure that you’re as comfy in the summer as you are in the winter, when you’re snuggled under your comforters and blankets, investing in air con, or at the very least, a good freestanding fan is the best thing you can do to prepare your bedroom for warmer weather.


Add a Rug


This is especially important if you have wooden floors because there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having to walk across a cold wooden floor. The mere presence of one or two warm, fluffy rugs really will make all the difference on those colder mornings and see your comfort levels soar.


Make Room for Storage


In the bedroom, it is very important that you have plenty of storage in place so that you can keep the room fairly free from clutter. You see, when a room is cluttered, it can make you feel stressed, anxious and unable to relax. By installing lots of closet space, drawers and storage baskets, you can make your room much more mellow, which will definitely help you get a good night’s sleep.


Scented Candles

Scented candles are a must in the bedroom. They add wonderful aromas to the room that soothe a troubled mind, aid relaxation and help you drift off into a sounder sleep, especially if they are lavender scented. They also offer warm, soft light which is very calming.


Add Some Personality


You can’t really be truly comfortable unless you have a few things that speak to you and offer you comfort, around. This could be family photos, a favorite soft toy you’ve had since you were a child or a really pretty piece of art. Whatever it is, be sure to include it in the bedroom for the ultimate comfy experience.

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