Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Mattress Pads

Crib-A-Peel Disposable Fitted Mattress Pads

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We have been sick, guys. I mean like the kind of sick where you just want to stay in bed. The kind of sick where my Fitbit must have thought I was actually unresponsive and it buzzed my wrist until I took it off and laid it on the table. My husband had to take time off from work because I couldn’t take care of our kids who were also sick.

10 prescriptions– Yes, you read that right. I thought we had stopped at 8, but between 3 of us it has actually taken 10. I feel like germs were literally swarming over us looking for their next place to land.

I didn’t feel like changing the beds, especially practically having to climb into the crib to help our youngest who was most recently diagnosed with croup. Into my life came Peel Away Labs and these amazing peel off mattress pads. There was no way I could keep up with the laundry that was already stacking up from just clothing that we were wearing and towels from the numerous showers a day to just get the steam going to open up our noses. The mattress was protected from any bodily fluids that would have otherwise needed to be cleaned up, dried and then go on to replace the sheets.

A literal lifesaver. I can’t believe how simple these were to use and I could just toss them in the trash when they were soiled. I also started to think how amazing these would have been when my grandparents were still alive. They would have been able to have clean sheets a lot more often than just having someone come over and help them out. It would have been a piece of cake to just take the layers off.


A little about Crib-A-Peel

This absorbent and waterproof fitted mattress pad has 5 layers that easily peel away allowing you to quickly have a clean and dry mattress pad for your baby to sleep on.

Each layer is made from an exceptional blend of Bamboo, Rayon and Polyester fibers for optimum strength, absorption and softness. The mattress pad is disposable which allows for quick clean up, so goodbye extra laundry. The breathable waterproof membrane helps your baby stay cool and comfortable all throughout the night.

  • Great for the accidents in the middle of the night
  • A must-have for travel
  • Instantly have a new clean mattress protector


Retailing for $15.99 for the 5 layers these would be amazing for our next vacation so I wouldn’t have to pack a bunch of crib sheets and then wash them with the rest of the laundry when traveling with the pack and play. They even have subscribe and save deals.

If you are looking to make life just a little easier, please check out Peel Away Labs who feature sizes from crib all the way to king.


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