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CureLauncher – Providing A Sense of Empowerment & Control

CureLauncher - Providing A Sense of Empowerment & Control



CureLauncher – Providing A Sense of Empowerment & Control



When struggling with anything, steps need to be taken to gain empowerment. Sickness can make one feel like they have no control over anything. Clinical trials are a way for people to gain some sense of empowerment: through helping others; helping themselves; gaining useful information; and being treated with care and dignity. At times, it can seem that there are no options to be had. Facing a sickness is hard enough. Being powerless over a sickness can be devastating. Clinical trials and information about them can help to regain some of the power lost from a sickness.

Simply gaining information empowers one. Empowerment gives back some of that control. CureLauncher finds clinical trials for those interested. Often times, they can find clinical trials where doctors are not able to or have very little information about. CureLauncher finds these clinical trials in an effort to provide a way for people to regain some of the power they feel they lost. CureLauncher searches for clinical trials based upon individual needs. Each clinical trial is listed in an easy-to-read format to effectively summarize options available. CureLauncher provides information so that you can meet with your trial team and find out additional information. Information provided is kept confidential at no cost. Discover your options and get into clinical trials at

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  1. courtney hennagir

    i think this is awesome! it definitely beats sitting around feeling helpless about your condition,whatever it may be.and who knows what info may come of it. very cool!

    1. courtney hennagir


  2. Andrea Mackafee

    I would participate in this. I have been going to doctors for months trying to figure out what is wrong with me and they can’t find a definitive answer.


  3. Betsy Barnes

    This is a great thing! So many suffer needlessly, trying to get answers, BONUS 🙂

  4. ashley richardson

    this is so cool BONUS

  5. Ruth chu

    i think this is something ive always wanted to do….Bonus

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