Custom Wood Cutting Boards by PersonalizedCart



Custom Wood Cutting Boards by PersonalizedCart

We received the mentioned product from in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the opinions of others.


About Custom Wood Cutting Boards by PersonalizedCart

The board is made with Environmentally friendly wood, there are 3 kinds can be chosed: 45cm x 30cm ,38cm x 30cm ,30cm x 22cm

We engrave the board with no fee, please choose a pattern from the product page and note us the pattern and your text if you would like to have.


What We Thought

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and I try to make sure I buy the special women in my life something that I know they will treasure. Until a few years ago I still had 2 grandmothers and buying something for each of them was very important to me. Since then life has taken its usual turns and unfortunately due to aging and other life situations holidays are quite different these days. I am very lucky though to still have my Mom and this year I really want to spoil her!!


The custom wood cutting board that I recently received from really made me smile. I love that they are keeping up with the trends that we have currently and showcasing a beautiful mermaid among other great personalized ideas. I always tell my guys not to get me anything, that being their Mom is absolutely enough and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, but of course I love when they think of me on these special days.


The quality of this cutting board is top of the line, but the best part of all it will not break your bank. For only $29.90 you can gift this beauty or own one for yourself.


Of course I have never owned a wooden cutting board like this and I wanted to learn how to care for them properly. Here are some tips for our readers as well:

Did you know you can maintain your cutting board in a mere 5 minutes per month? I didn’t either! I thought this would be a long winded process that had to be done after every single use. I found doing some research on The Kitchn that all you need is some food grade oil and paper towels.

All you have to do is apply a fine layer of the food safe oil to the wooden cutting board using paper towels (or another soft cloth) and then the rest is done by itself. It is recommended that you let it soak in over night. If after that the board feels too oily you just buff it and you are done.



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