DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas (Clinton vs Trump)
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DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas (Clinton vs Trump)

DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas (Clinton vs Trump)

DemocraTEA 2016: ClinTEAN & TEArump Teas (Clinton vs Trump)

The TeaBook is an innovative patent pending storage device that allows you to store, share, and serve your tea.  On the outside, The TeaBook looks like a chic, stylish and lightweight book that can share shelf space with your favorite cookbooks (or any other books, for that matter).  But open it up and you’ll be delighted to find its pages hold up to 144 different teas – each tea in perfect view!  Imagine, you and your guests no longer have to settle on whatever tea happens to be on top of tea tin. No more digging through the tea box, tea drawer or cabinet.  With The TeaBook, you and your guests can simply flip through the pages and indulge in your favorite tea – every time! The TeaBook is every tea lover’s cup of tea!


What We Thought:

Politics is an ugly topic sometimes– I know that especially on social media things get really heated and I tend to go into my shell and just be really quiet about everything.

I love companies like this that make humor from politics and turn things into more of a joking matter than anything else. I love that these teas were designed with humor in mind, but also have great flavor.

The ClinTEAN tea is Vanilla Essence and the TEArump is a white tea with peach. These teas have ingredients that anyone could not only pronounce but most of us tea lovers will know a lot about them. They are also Kosher.

Prices start at $7.00 for every 20 bags and to me that is a pretty sweet deal for something that can definitely lighten the political mood in any atmosphere.

The PoliTEAcal  series combines amazing art, satire and delicious organic tea.  This is the perfect gift for someone that loves to talk about politics or collects political memorabilia and the drawing contains 9 references to the campaigns.
Hidden refrrences can be found here


Check out the teas here if you are interested in getting some for yourself.



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