Designing a Nursery? Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind

Designing a Nursery? Here Are 5 Things to Keep in Mind

When decorating or furnishing a nursery, you want to keep in mind several factors. Having the right furniture, art, and décor can make a big difference in how your baby feels once they arrive in the world. Feel free to go through this article for some tips and tricks on what will make a great nursery for your new baby.

Use Your Home Decor as Inspiration

The nursery should reflect your home décor to feel like a natural extension of the rest of your house. This will also make it easier to move your child into another room when they get older without having to redecorate. Remember that if you plan on staying in your current house for several years after having your first child, it will save you money to keep the same color scheme throughout the house. It’s better to redecorate just for one room when it is time to add another baby or move on to a different phase in life.

Go for Baby-Friendly Colors 

Your child will spend a lot of time in this room, so make sure it’s colorful, cheerful, and fun. Stick with soft colors and moon and stars decor that have a calming effect. Avoid bright reds and oranges since they’re too stimulating and may make your child restless. If you don’t want to commit to one of the more traditional baby room colors, consider a more neutral shade. This allows you to be creative with your decor and accessories once the baby has arrived. A neutral backdrop also means that you won’t have to repaint the whole room if you change your mind about the nursery theme later on.

Add Some Cushion Decor

While bright colors and patterns can be great for babies, they can also overwhelm a nursery. If you’ve chosen a bold pattern for your baby’s bedding, try adding some soothing colors to the rest of the room in the form of the moon and stars decor cushions, throws, or wall art. These accessories are also useful for adding some softness to hard furniture and having practical purposes like protecting against bumps.

Buy Items That Will Grow with Your Child

While you might want to create a dream nursery that will impress all the mothers at the playgroup, remember that you’ll probably want to redecorate in another year or two when your child is older. Instead of breaking out the paintbrushes, consider buying furniture that will grow with your child — such as convertible cribs that turn into toddler beds and eventually into full-size beds when they’re older. Invest in things like lamps and moon and stars décor that your child can use even as they grow older.

Consider Safety Measures

For babies and toddlers, safety is always the first concern. In addition to making sure furniture is sturdy, safe, and age-appropriate, be sure to install outlet covers in all electrical outlets. Also, make sure windows have window guards, and cords from blinds are out of reach because infants can get entangled in them.

Bottom Line

When it comes to designing a nursery, there are bound to be some challenges. However, when you approach these challenges with caution, it will make decorating your child’s room that much easier. When you consider everything important to creating your ideal nursery, you are more likely to create a space that you love and reflects your unique personality and style.

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