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Different Types of Coffee For You to Try and Buy

Different Types of Coffee For You to Try and Buy

Mmmm, coffee! Everyone has their own favorites when it comes to this drink, and it’s true that the love of coffee has spread for years thanks to establishments such as Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks Coffee. And regardless of why you choose to drink coffee, it’s important for the drink to taste delicious, smell divine, and of course, make you feel great regardless of whether or not it wakes you up in the morning.

But if you are new to the world of coffee, no doubt it can get a little confusing when it comes to all of the different terms that relate to all of the different types of coffee that you can order and enjoy. In this article, we are going to explain these various types of coffee from Detour Coffee that you can try, buy, and make your very own favorites! Keep in mind that we will be discussing espresso-based drinks that are found in various cafes.

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  1. Espresso (Short Black)

The first type of coffee that you can try at a coffee shop is the espresso, otherwise known as the “short black.” This is the foundation of all espresso-based drinks. It is also the part of these drinks that simply cannot be skipped! If you want to try the short black in all of its glory, you can expect just one shot of espresso served in an espresso cup. Don’t order this if you expect something sweet but do order this if you want to wake up without downing too much volume.

  1. Double Espresso (Doppio)

If you’re feeling extra daring, you can order yourself the “Doppio”, or double espresso. This is exactly what it sounds like – two shots of espresso rather than one! Like the short black coffee drink, a Doppio is served in an espresso cup and great for those mornings when you really need some extra help waking up. Again, do not order a double espresso if you are expecting something sweet. But a feeling of alertness? Coming right up!

  1. Short Macchiato

Now we are getting into the coffee drinks that are considered quite fun! And to start, we explain the espresso-based drink known as the short macchiato. Now, this drink is similar to the short black, or espresso drink, except that it contains a dollop of yummy steamed milk and foam. This helps to mellow out the taste of the espresso that can be quite harsh. So if you have tried the short black and you find that, while you enjoy the feeling that it gives you, the taste is a bit too bitter for you, a short macchiato may be just what to order.

  1. Long Macchiato

A long macchiato is just like a short macchiato, except it comes with a double shot of espresso. The espresso is placed in a cup and then the dollop of steamed milk and foam is placed on top. Try this drink if you enjoyed the short macchiato, or you find that you need a little bit extra in the morning to help you start your day while still cutting down on the taste of plain espresso.

  1. Ristretto

The next espresso-based drink that you can try, and hopefully love, is the ristretto. Now, this is just like the espresso only stronger, so if you did not care for the short black you most likely will not like this coffee drink either. But if you need a drink that packs quite the punch to get you going, this is definitely one to try!

The ristretto is a shot of espresso that contains the exact same amount of coffee as a short black but half of the water. The end result is a darker drink that is more concentrated.

  1. Americano (Long Black)

The next coffee drink to try is the Americano, or “long black.” This drink contains hot water that has had espresso extracted on top of itself. How is it made? Two-thirds of a cup is filled with hot water, and then the last third is filled using espresso. No steamed milk or foam is added, but the harshness of the espresso itself is diluted.

  1. Latte

Yum, the delicious latte! This drink tends to be sweeter due to steamed milk that is applied to it. In a tumbler glass, one shot of espresso is added and then covered with steamed milk. Then the drink is finished with 1cm of micro-foam. The result is something truly delectable that you should definitely try. Who knows, the latte may be your favorite of them all!

  1. Cappuccino

The cappuccino is a drink that is very popular, so no doubt you have heard of it or even tried it in the past. But if not, you are in for a treat if you enjoy sweet drinks. This espresso-based drink is very similar to a latte, except that on top of the espresso and steamed milk you will have 2-3cm of micro-foam and sprinkles of chocolate. Also, the drink is made in a cup rather than the latte’s tumbler glass.

  1. Mocha

If you love chocolate, no doubt you are excited to try the cappuccino. But that’s not the only drink that can tickle your fancy! The mocha espresso-based drink is an oh-so-delicious mix between chocolate and a cappuccino!

  1. Affogato

The affogato is a drink that serves as a dessert coffee, so order this one when you are really hankering for something sweet and delicious. It’s made from vanilla ice cream, which makes it especially tasty to try during the warmer months of the year. This drink is simple, as one scoop of ice cream is covered by one or two shots of espresso. So, expect it to wake you up a little, as well!

In conclusion, there are lots of delectable drinks that can be very fun to try at your local café or consider using the best coffee subscriptions. Use this guide of espresso-based coffee so that you can try and buy the best of the best and learn exactly which drinks were made with you in mind.

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