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Disney 16 Piece Dinner Set Review

Disney 16 Piece Dinner Set Review

The product mentioned was received in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are mine and may vary from the thoughts of others.

What We Thought

Hi, my name is Heidi, Product Review Cafe‘s resident Disney fanatic and I’m here to tell you that I was like a kid at Christmas when I received this GORGEOUS set of dishes! No, really, I couldn’t wait to get these open and on my dinner table! I smiled from ear to ear while I was unboxing these, taking in all of the detail, the beautiful gold finish on the designs, the color- all of it! Each set is centered around a different princess- Cinderella, Jasmine from Aladdin, Ariel of The Little Mermaid and Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Each set has it’s own beautiful color which I love because it adds to the unique effect of each set; Cinderella is baby blue, Jasmine is a BEAUTIFUL shade of purple, like a deep lavender, Ariel is a lovely light aqua color, and Belle is of course a beautiful yellow! Each set is composed of 4 sturdy, good sized pieces- a dinner plate, a dessert plate, a bowl and a 12 ounce mug. The dinner plates are huge and I LOVE the bowls, they’re perfect for pasta! I like a wide bowl for pasta so these will definitely be my new pasta bowls. Thank goodness my husband is as big a Disney fan as I am! The mugs are on the smaller size but I don’t mind that because I’m famous for pouring a big mug of coffee and having to heat it up 10 times before lunch because I forget about it. These hold a smaller amount of coffee but it stays warm because it doesn’t take me as long to finish it.

Y’all! LOOK at that beautiful detail! The gold and the yellow together just screams Belle to me. Check out the rose at the bottom! Seriously, these dishes are so dreamy. I will never tire of looking at them.

Check out those fine, subtle details in the design on the other sets! The Cinderella set has teeny tiny glass slippers worked into the design, the Ariel set has bubbles and tiny seahorses, and the Jasmine set has gorgeous lotus flowers and a magic carpet! DREAMY. I just love the attention to detail, it adds to the magic of the set.

These are my new favorite dishes- by a LOT. We have used them several times and with the proper care I know they will be a staple for a long time to come! And the price point, $99.99 for the set, really is spot on for such a beautifully done, not to mention sturdy, product.

Note: These are NOT for use in a dishwasher and MUST be hand washed. I have hand washed them several times and have had no issues. They are also NOT for use in a microwave.

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  • Mary Matthews

    the crazy thing is that these dishes are currently sold out and people are trying to sell them on EBAY for 500.00-1000.00 but I talked to someone at the company that makes them called UKONIC and the good news is that they are going to have them for sale again along with another set of different princesses this year around December on Amazon. They will also have serving dishes as well.

    • Samantha

      Wow I had no idea they were being sold on Ebay like that. That’s pretty crazy. I am happy to hear they will be made again and for sale. Thank you for your comment, Mary.

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