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Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack


Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack

Our typical weekends are usually so rushed and busy that we often forget to take time and enjoy the really fun things in life, so yesterday after a month of planning we got my family together for a good old fashioned crab picking party along with some Low Country Boil. My family has been picking crabs since I was a tiny child and before. I learned how to pick them myself at a very young age and there has been no stopping me ever since. I love sharing this experience with my family because it brings back days gone by.


After doing some research on Facebook and trying to find the very best crabs in our area (believe me, there were a LOT of places to choose from) we settled on Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack. I wanted to go with a place that not only had repeat customers,  but posted pictures almost daily of their crabs and also had a clean looking work area. Yes, I am one of those people who looks at the background of pictures because I feel like that tells often more than the actual subject.

Our Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack Experience-

I messaged the Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack Facebook page not expecting to hear back until the next day, but lo and behold I got a message the same evening. I was really happy with the prompt reply. While I couldn’t be told an exact price for the weekend, a ballpark estimate was given and I was also given other information that I needed. I was also able to reserve our bushel that evening which also made me feel even more confident in this business.

After a day or so passed I got another message to confirm if I wanted my crabs cooked or green (to cook ourselves) and for that I was also thankful. I should have remembered to say that myself, but Dixie had it all covered. We also discussed spicing at this time.

Pick up was simple and a nice little drive from our house about 40 minutes into Spotsylvania County. We took country roads and while I knew our day was busy, it was nice to get out and take the drive. GPS took is to this quaint road and we followed it right to the official Crab Shack!

When we arrived our crabs were steaming hot. I mentioned how happy this would make my dad, and also myself because there is nothing better than steaming hot crabs.

Dixie Joe's Crab Shack

This is a photo of our bushel. Impressed doesn’t begin to cover the feeling of yesterday’s experience! I am so happy with the crabs, the spicing and the cost. This bushel was full and there were legs inside as well which made me happy since I love those just as much as the shelled crabs. My family ate until we were stuffed, then ate some more. We let our food settle and you guessed it, ate again.

We were able to share leftovers with our neighbors and also a good friend.

Our experience with Dixie Joes’s Crab Shack is something we will not forget for a long time to come and we have already decided this is going to by a yearly family event right here at our house.

If you are looking for some crabs in the Spotsylvania, Virginia area we highly stand by Dixie Joe’s Crab Shack. Personalized service, quick response and also just all around great people!!


Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 12 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.


  • M Butler

    I had a shockingly horrific experience form Dixie Joe’s recently. As a repeat customer, I trusted to be able to place an order and actually receive what I ordered. My order consisted of one order of a dozen #1s and another order of half a dozen #2s all heavy seasoning. I was in such a good mood and in a rush picking up my order that I merely made a cursory inspection when I picked up my crabs and paid for them including a tip. What a mistake!!!

    Upon full inspection at my destination, what I received was all together different from what I ordered. The bag of #1s had number 1s on the top of crabs and 5 number 2s on the bottom. The other bag was NOT heavily seasoned nor were they warm like the number 1 bag. In fact they seemed like some casually thrown in left over crabs. As I was no longer close to the store I called the store and was put on with the owner who made it very clear that any kind of customer service was clearly out the door along with a big F- U. After explaining the situation, she became extremely belligerent and insulting attempting to tell me that I didn’t know the difference between #1s and #2s and how she personally measured them blah blah blah. I attempted to let her know that there was a distinct difference in what I had between her alleged no 1 crabs versus the true number 1s in the bag. There were even OBVIOUS visible and weight differences that could be clearly demonstrated not only within the same bag of alleged no 1s but also in comparison with the separate bag of designated #2s. And furthermore, I too was no novice at selecting blue crabs – as if it were rocket science or something. Even more, my point of emphasis was that ALL of my number 1s should have, at the very least, looked like all of the other number 1s in the SAME bag, since, after all, this is what I PAID for up front INCLUDING tip. I even understand maybe 1 or 2 crabs being off, but there were simply too many to let this go. However, by this point I have an even greater problem with her demeaning and insulting attitude. Surely we could have come to some sort of resolution instead of her cavalier response. She eventually simply cut me off, told me to “have a nice day” and hung up the phone. Well Ms. Owner, your wish is granted and you’ve lost a customer including all the other referrals I used to give your establishment to the loads of people I know in the area looking to purchase crabs. I don’t care how good your crabs may taste whatever size they may be.

    This is definitely a BUYER BEWARE situation especially if you have a problem or disagreement with your purchase. There will definitely be no customer satisfaction or an attempt to appease paying customers. What’s more, I am now seeing other reviews that corroborate my similar experience. Even more the owner replies with the same F-U, I am right, you are always wrong response. It is obvious that paying customers and/or their satisfaction is not the owners concern. And whether these are her actual feelings, this is exactly what she conveys.

    • Samantha

      I am sorry that you had this experience and I will pass this on to the company. As you can see this review is several years old and we are still patrons of this business and have never had this experience. I hope that you are able to find good crabs elsewhere.

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