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Don’t Sweat Your Humid House!

Your home is your castle, and for that reason alone, your personal comfort should be at the top of your household priorities. If you spend most of your working week in a stuffy, uncomfortable office, the last thing you want is to be suffering in a similar environment once you get home. There are a few different things that can cause our homes to be a little on the intolerable side – things such as draughts, leaks and excessive coldness. But by far one of the most uncomfortable environments to live in would have to be a humid home. Humidity is nothing new to many of us who already live in places with a somewhat tropical atmosphere – however, when you can’t even escape that atmosphere in your own home, a problem can often develop. A humid environment can be difficult to relax in and it can also pose a health hazard for you, your family and your possessions (mainly due to the increased mold and dust production this kind of atmosphere promotes). Therefore if you have a naturally humid home, you may be interested in taking certain steps towards removing some of the moisture from the air. Here are a few ways in which you can do so.


If your whole home is humid and you struggle to get any respite at all, you may want to look into increasing the amount of natural ventilation in there. Many newer properties are built with very limited ventilation due to so many people being greatly concerned over security. But while keeping safe is important, you also want a decent amount of fresh air coming into your home. Combined with artificial heating and cooling systems, the air in the home can quickly become stale and filled with excess moisture. Speak to a ventilation expert about installing new windows that allow more air in, and make a point of airing out you home every couple of days if the weather allows it.


Another great option if the air in your home is particularly humid is to get hold of a dehumidifier, such as one from Dehumidifier Web. Dehumidifiers work by collecting all the moisture that hands in the atmosphere, to an extent that may surprise you. A dehumidifier designed for treating the whole house could even collect up to 70 pints of water purely from the air, every single day. If you only have one room in your home that gets humid (localized humidity) make a point of placing your dehumidifier in here, to eradicate the problem at its root.

Home appliances

Some of the appliances you have in your property could be causing, or contributing to the feeling of dampness you have in the air. One such example of this is your gas fire, as if it is not ventilated properly, it can cause humidity to build up. You may have a similar issue with your clothes dryer, as it expels hot and wet air back into the home. Make a point of getting all appliances like these serviced regularly and ensure that they are all well-ventilated.

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