I Draw on Cats Review

I Draw on Cats Review

I Draw on Cats Review

I Draw on Cats Review

I received the following book from Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review. The opinions contained within this post are mine and may vary from the opinions of others.

About I Draw on Cats: Since the dawn of time, humans have looked into the enigmatic faces of cats and wondered who are you? In this collection of connect-the-dots adventures, expert illustrator and cat motive decoder A. R. Coffelt takes us into the secret worlds of our feline friends— complete the puzzles and solve the mystery of what each adorable cat is really up to!

What We Thought: I NEVER do this, but I got this book delivered today and I have already completed every single page. I laughed right out loud and had a blast with out son discovering what each cat was up to.

Connect-the-Dots was so popular when I was growing up and I love that it is making such a huge comeback, but this is just over the top hilarious! A.R. Coffelt showcases some adorable cats and the whole game plan of this book is to use your favorite drawing tools (I used gel pens) to discover what these silly cats are up to. The mysteries unfold literally before your eyes and each one is unique.

My favorite photo is one of a Siamese cat, which we have one of our own. There are pictures of multiple cats, but lots of singles. The pages unfold in an accordion style which is unique instead of just being a book that you flip through. Another perk is that this paper is double sided.

Containing 48 pages of cat antics, this book is something you can toss in a bag and work on while traveling… or choose to do like I did and binge draw on cats in one sitting.

You can purchase I Draw on Cats on Amazon for $9.99 (Free 2 Day Shipping for Prime Members!!). Worth every.single.penny.


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