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Dress Up Your Daughter’s Room With These Fantastic Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to upgrade areas of your home and give some of the rooms that are starting to feel a little dull and outdated a complete redesign. Perhaps you have a few ideas in mind for the rooms that need improvements. Or, maybe you have a family member who’s nagging you to upgrade their room. Is your daughter eager to restyle her bedroom? This might be more fun than you think and we have a few ideas to get you started.


Let’s Go with Laminate


You can start by upgrading the flooring in your daughter’s room. If you’re wondering what type of flooring to use, we’d suggest opting for laminate. Laminate looks fantastic and has the added benefit of being very easy to clean and maintain. It’s perfect if your child is going through that teenage tantrum age where they refuse to tidy their room regularly. As well as this, you can get laminate flooring in a range of different shades so it will suit a number of different style options. If you are completing a room design, change the flooring first and build the rest of the redesign around it to match.


Add A Window Sitting Area


This is a great way to give your daughter a personal space in their room. It’s a place where they can sit, relax or chill with friends. It’s easy to set up as well. Start by checking out a large dresser selection. You’re looking for a low dresser that can be fitted under the windowsill. You can then add cushions and padding to make it a comfortable place to sit and a great storage option. Essentially, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone, and you can avoid your daughter’s room looking like a bombsite with clothes scattered everywhere.


Light It Up


If your daughter loves all things girly, you might want to consider adding some fairy lights to the bedroom. These can be hung around the bed frame or around a curtain railing. You can use an extension plug to make sure they can be plugged in, so it really doesn’t matter where you choose to hang them. Fun and fancy, a little feature like this could really bring a lot of extra life to a bare bedroom.


Layer Your Design


Layering your bedroom design is a great way to make sure that it looks stylish and modern. Let’s think back to that laminate flooring. You don’t want to just leave it bare. Instead, you should think about adding a beautiful rug, and you can choose one that’s fluffy to give the room texture. On the rug, you can add a table or even a small chair. This little feature will look great in your daughter’s room and give it a professional vibe.


Add A Small Sofa

You can also think about adding a small sofa to your daughter’s room. Remember, she won’t just be using this room for sleeping. She’ll also be spending time completing her homework or perhaps just talking to her friends. If you don’t want her to constantly lounge around on her bed a sofa is a great choice. You might think sofas are expensive, but this isn’t always the case. You can get a two-seater basic sofa for a bedroom at a price that is totally affordable.


Since it’s basic, you can think about adding some extra features to spruce it up a little. For instance, you can buy some colourful cushions or perhaps add a beautiful throw. Either way, we’re sure your daughter will love it.


Find The Right Bed


Finally, consider purchasing a new bed for your daughter’s room. Again, there are plenty of options to consider here. If you have a young daughter, you can actually create a bed that looks like a prince castle. These pink or purple wonders can be custom made to order by companies online. Of course, if you have a teen daughter, they probably won’t be that impressed by this idea. As such, you might want to think about opting for something more mature. You can get stylish, minimalistic beds that will look great in any room in a variety of different shades and colours. If you want to treat your daughter, consider opting for a king size bed. This will give her plenty of room to stretch out and relax through the night.


We hope you love these ideas and use them to redesign and reimagine your own daughter’s room. We’re sure it will look absolutely fantastic.

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