Easter Brunch with Mionetto

Easter Brunch with Mionetto

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This year I am literally pushing the easy button on Easter. Usually I would find myself up well before my family preparing food and getting things situated for my family to come after church services.

This year things changed big time. The blog is growing, my husband is working and of course little boys around here keep me on my toes. I am learning to enjoy things more and spend more quality time with my family instead of strapped to the oven on big holidays. At first I will fess up, I thought this was lazy. I thought only people who didn’t know how to cook took this route. I thought that it wouldn’t be as appreciated as a home cooked meal. In all reality I believe that my event this year will be appreciated more (especially by me) because I will not be exhausted. I will feel relieved and most of all I will feel like enjoying my family.


Here is the plan:

Mionetto sent us a bunch of small bottles of their Prosecco Brut and Gran Rose’ to review. These make excellent cocktails. The end goal is to have fruits and other cocktail add-ins spread out like a charcuterie tray

The snacks will be a wide variety and of course this time of year fresh flowers are everywhere, so they will be added in as well. Pretzels, olives, cheese, crackers, hard salami and pepperoni as well as various fruits and veggies will grace the table and I hope that conversation will be free flowing.

Holidays are a time that I love spending with my family and I always have. It has been a time that I feel that we are meant to all be together. This Easter will be the first big holiday that my sister will be with us as well as her little family in a very long time and I am very thankful for that.

While the kids hunt their Easter eggs (which I bought pre-filled as well) the adults can sit back and relax with cocktails and great company. Easter brunch will be a hit and hopefully a tradition that we keep for many years to come.


Mionetto can be found in many major retailers such as Total Wine.


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