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Easy Ways To Speed Up That Slow Internet In Your Family Home (Without Breaking The Bank!)

In the digital age, it’s common for more than one family member to be using the internet at once. After all, we have access to so many devices such as iPads, on-demand TV services, and laptops which all require the internet to work. But as you know, the more people that use the internet, the slower it becomes.  It can end up being a nightmare for families; especially when kids are downloading games or music! However, there are some ways to get a faster internet. Here are some easy ways to speed up that slow internet in your family home without breaking the bank!


Ask your provider for better deals

It’s so important that your family does not suffer in silence with slow internet. Therefore, you need to contact your provider to tell them about the situation with your broadband speed. They might be able to fix it from their end for free, or they might send an engineer out to help. You might just need a new router which will ensure your family gets adequate internet speed! They might upgrade you to a fiber optic broadband which will enable your family to all use the internet at once. Therefore, it’s worth calling them to help you find a solution to your broadband woes!

Compare suppliers

Families stay with one supplier for years as they haven’t got the time to change to a different provider. But by switching, you could end up with a faster internet speed! Therefore, it’s time to start comparing suppliers to find a better deal. You can easily find sites online which will let you know which provider is offering the best internet in your area at that current time. Make a list of a couple suppliers and ring them to ask about any offers such as fios deals. You might be surprised to find that there is a provider which offers a much faster speed in your area!

Download at night

If you want faster internet, the easiest solution is to make sure that none of your family are downloading when everyone is using the net. For example, if your kid wants to download a new game on Origin, they need to do this at night. That way, you all don’t have to suffer as they are sipping all the internet juice! It’s also a good idea to restrict internet use; you might want to make a timetable of who can use the internet and when! That way, everyone will have fast internet when it’s their turn.


Ensure your devices are up-to-date

You might be surprised to know that the devices themselves can be the reason for the slow internet! Therefore, it’s so important to make sure they are up-to-date. Don’t avoid those updates on your browser; they could be the reason for your slow internet. And the most important thing you should do is make sure nothing is running in the background. For example, on your phone, if you have a million apps up, your internet will go slower! Therefore, delete background activity to speed up your internet!

And where your router is situated can affect your internet speed. You need the devices nearby the router if you want faster internet. Therefore, move your router to a location where your family mostly uses the net!


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