Enjoy Taco Tuesday with Prepara Taco Serving Accessories

Enjoy Taco Tuesday with Prepara Taco Serving Accessories

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Taco Tuesday is something that we LOVE in this house. It is something we celebrate at least several times per month and while the options are endless, I found that finding enough bowls and serving utensils for our taco feast was almost impossible. In comes Prepara– They make Taco Tuesday something even more fun than it already was.

Recently we had my entire family over for Taco Tuesday and it was a blast. We did tacos 3 ways (beef, steak and chicken) and had literally every topping that anyone could dream of. My counters were full and soon our bellies were too! These accessories came in the following day and I saw quickly how these could have made life so much easier. Here is a description of the taco accessories that we received


3 Section Tray

Serve all your favorite toppings!

Our 3 Section Taco Tray has connected bowls for serving all the taco
fillings. Perfect for passing around the table and pairing with Taco Spoons.
Durable melamine construction.
Available in blue & yellow with unique graphic patterns.



Multi Taco Holder

Reversible shape supports 2 or 3 tacos for easy filling and eating.
Decorative holder has the look of traditional ceramic with a durable
melamine construction. Works with both soft or hard taco shells.
Available in blue, red and yellow with unique graphic patterns.

Taco Spoons (set of 2)

Perfect filling and packing!
Our uniquely designed Taco Spoon makes filling and packing tacos easy.
Perfectly sized to fit between shells, these spoons ensure less mess and
more yummy taco enjoyment.
Available in blue, red and yellow with unique graphic patterns.
If you are interested in any of these amazing taco serving accessories check out Prepara and as always Happy Taco Tuesday!!

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