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Everyone Needs a Creative Space

For natural creatives, the urge to make and do is unstoppable. Whether your passion is music or art, something useful or purely aesthetic, being able to express yourself is at the core of your personality and creating a space for your activities is vital for a happy life.


Having a spare room that you can use is an ideal situation to be in and while you might be tempted to turn your spare room into a home office, think carefully before you do so. For many people who work from home, the kitchen is just fine for setting up a laptop and making a cuppa, whereas more creative projects need more space – especially if you plan to get messy!


Here’s what you need to do to turn that spare room into the ideal space.

Focus on the Purpose of the Room First

If you plan to install a drum kit you will need very different things compared to plans to paint quietly listening to the radio. For starters, a music room needs better acoustics. Try using an underlay such as beneath your floors to deaden the sound and reduce disturbances to the rest of the house. You could also buy acoustic panels to put on the wall to improve the sound.


For an artist or crafter, focusing on having space to make and do is all very well, but you should also consider installing smart storage solutions. From large, wide shelves for big sheets of paper to tiny drawers perfect for things like beads and buttons, consider what you have and how you would ideally like to arrange it before you buy any furniture.

Think About the Decor

A creative space means something different to everyone. Minimalists will feel most at home in a plain room, fitted with simple fixtures giving them the sense of space and opportunity as they focus on their project. Maximalists are much freer with their decor and will take every chance to use color, texture and light to create a room that completely speaks to their personality.


There is no right answer, but looking at these two extremes, you will probably get a sense of where you are on the spectrum.


When you have a dedicated space for your creativity, it must speak to you and inspire you to try new things and be bolder in your experimentation. It is rare to have an opportunity to be so bold with your taste so take it while you can!

Allow Your Space to Develop

Having a creative space is such an indulgence and making the most of it is absolutely vital to its success. This means that you should allow for your tastes and projects to change over time and let the room change with you, reflecting your interests and passions.


As you grow and your talent is nurtured, you might even consider making what was once a mere hobby into a full-time career. You never know where your creativity is going to take you, just follow in its footsteps and find out for yourself.

Samantha hails from Virginia and is a proud wife to a retired Deputy Sheriff and mother to two amazing little boys named Jack & William. A veteran product reviewer; Samantha has been reviewing products for 8 years and offers high quality product reviews with original photography.

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