Everything to Love About the Mitsubishi Outlander

Everything to Love About the Mitsubishi Outlander


What do you look for in an SUV? Common answers to this question might include power, space, utility, traction, off-road ability…the list goes on. Whatever you’re looking for, one SUV outstrips the others in its delivery, and that’s the Mitsubishi Outlander. This SUV is a automated recipe for family adventure; a powerful vehicle that is built to, in the company’s own words, “take you further than you ever thought possible.”


It seems that every inch of this magnificent machine has been meticulously designed and perfected. At first glance, you get the pleasing appearance of the front grille, LED lights and chrome trim finish, all of which you will struggle not to admire. If you opt for the higher Exceed trim level, those same LED lights become equipped with auto-leveling, which automatically adjusts brightness to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers. Surrounding all of that are the soft yet modern edges which form the aerodynamic build that help give this Mitsubishi its efficiency.


Do you need the SUV to help you with errands? Far from being just a large cargo space to throw things into, the Mitsubishi has great features to enhance the driver experience. First of all, the powered tailgate can be opened either with the key fob, a button on the dash, or another button loaded right into the tailgate itself. That means when you’re loaded up with grocery bags, you won’t be worrying about how you’re going to get that thing open. It’s the same opening up any of the other doors. The Outlander detects the key in your pocket and opens up automatically. Did you ever think cars could be so helpful?


Safety is another obvious benefit in the Outlander. Driver safety and assistance systems may never be perfect, but Mitsubishi seem to be getting close. Myriad features can be installed into it including an emergency stop warning signal, blind spot monitoring for when you’re merging or overtaking, rear cross traffic alert when you’re reversing into a busy road, active stability control and so many more. You can even tow up to 3,500lbs safely, which makes it perfect when loading up big for the family road trip, or for any regular towing work you do.


The Mitsubishi Outlander — ready to take your family driving to the next level. Why not pay a visit to your nearest Mitsubishi dealership to find great deals on the Outlander and other Mitsubishi vehicles.

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