Fabriq Chorus WiFi Speaker
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Fabriq Chorus WiFi Speaker

Fabriq Chorus WiFi Speaker

Fabriq Chorus WiFi Speaker

We received the mentioned product in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts contained within this post are ours and may vary from the thoughts of others.


– You can connect up to 10 Chorus units throughout your home so you can create a whole house music system
– Every unit is Alexa-enabled – who doesn’t want Alexa these days?
– Price: $99.99
– To Purchase: www.amazon.com and Target.com

What We Thought

We are loving a simplified life with our new Fabriq Chorus WiFi Speaker! This arrived and I was honestly worried it would be really hard to set up. I am by far not challenged when it comes to setting up things that are technical, but for some reason I was intimidated by this but nonetheless excited to set it up in our living room.
I added the Fabriq app to my phone and got everything all ready to go. So far things were going REALLY good. I thought it may be too good to be true, but I was wrong.
The Fabriq Chorus was one of the easiest devices I have ever set up. I linked everything to my Amazon Music subscription which I have as a Prime Add-on and we were listening to music in minutes.
My Favorite Features:
  • Sports Updates– I have our favorite teams added to Alexa and she lets us know how our teams are doing with 1 simple voice command.
  • Weather– We can find out weather here at home or literally anywhere in the world. This has been critical for travel planning.
  • Games– Yes, you read that right. We have added several games to our Fabriq Chorus. We play a guess the song game where we can compete as a family and guess song titles and artists for points. This has proven to be SO much fun!
  • Music– The quality of this speaker is amazing. I love that I can literally say “Alexa play…” and name any artist, song, genre, decade, etc and we have music playing in seconds. Our boys have “danced it out” a LOT over the last few weeks because that is how we handle tough situations in our home.


This device has added so much fun and life into our home. I have enjoyed the music more than a lot of other features because I love to listen while I work and sometimes in the evenings while my husband and I relax. My plan is to add another one to at least one more bedroom here since this one pairs with up to 10 devices. Multi-room music just sounds like so much fun!


Guess what! With code PRC20 you can get 20% off from Fabriq so what is stopping you from getting some Christmas shopping finished? I would love to see one of these under my tree this year! Plus you are getting a discount, so even better!!


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